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  • UNIWILL laptop batteries are specifically designed for each laptop brand and model. offers a complete line of UNIWILL batteries and compatible replacements for most laptop models. We have developed a UNIWILL Laptop Battery Select Technology that will guide you in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for your laptop. Your first step is to choose your UNIWILL model from the list below.
    Please press 'Ctrl+F' to search for your part number/machine model.
    Select UNIWILL Laptop Battery by Part number
    23-U54053-22 23-U74201-31 23-U74204-00 23-U74204-10 23-UA5202-00
    23-UB0201-20 23-UC1200-00 23-UC2200-00 23-UC2201-10 23-UD3202-00
    23-UD4000-3A 23-UD4200-00 23-UD7010-0F 23-UD7110-1B 23GL1GF0F-8A
    23UD40003A 243-4S4400-S2M1 258-3S4400-S2M1 258-4S4400-S1P1 258-4S4400-S2M1
    2584S4400S1P1 2584S4400S2M1 351-3S8800-S2M1 3S4000-G1S2-04 3S4000-S1P3-04
    3S4000-S1S3-04 4CGR18650-H2 63-UD4024-30 63-UD7022-1A 63GU40026-1A
    755-4S4000-S1P1 755-4S4000-S2M1 755-4S4400-S2M1 7554S4000S1P1 7554S4000S2M1
    7554S4400S2M1 805N00045 A5527524 BAT-243S1 CBI0769A
    L50-3S4000-SIS3 L50-3S4400-C1S5 L50-3S4400-G1P3 L51-3S4000-S1P3 L51-3S4400-G1L3
    L51-4S2000-C1S2 L51-4S2000-G1L1 N34BS N34BS2 N35BS
    N35BS1 N35BS2 NBP001374-00 NBP001385-00 NBP001390-00
    NBP001395-00 SA2004801 U40-3S3700-B1Y1 U40-3S4000-G1B1 U40-3S4000-G1L1
    U40-3S4000-S1L1 U40-3S4000-S1L2 U40-3S4000-S1S1 U40-3S4400-B1N1 U40-3S4400-C1H1
    U40-3S4400-C1M1 U40-3S4400-E1M1 U40-3S4400-G1B1 U40-3S4400-G1L3 U40-3S4400-S1G1
    U40-4S2200-C1H1 U40-4S2200-C1L3 U40-4S2200-C1M1 U40-4S2200-E1M1 U40-4S2200-G1B1
    U40-4S2200-G1L1 U40-4S2200-G1L3 U40-4S2200-M1A1 U40-4S2200-S1B1 U40-4S2200-S1L1
    U40-4S2200-S1S1 U40-4S2200-S1S5 UN243 UN243S UN243S1-T
    UN243S8 UN243S8-P UN243S9 UN243S9-P UN255
    UN34B UN34BS1 UN34BS1-E UN34BS1-P UN34BS1-T
    UN34BS2 UN350D UN35B UN35BS1 UN35BS2
    UN755 UWL50-6 WP-UNL50/3 X20-3S4000-S1P3 X20-3S4400-C1S5
    Select UNIWILL Laptop Battery by Model
    245 245II0 245TI0 245TI2
    255 255ELx 255EN 255ENx
    255II3 255IIx 255TI2 259
    259EI 259EI3 259ELx 259EN
    259EN3 259ENx 259IA0 259IA1
    259IA2 259IA3 259IA7 259II0
    259II1 259KI2 340S1 340SX
    341C1 348i3 755ca3 F71IL1 Series
    L50 L51AI L51AIx L51II
    L51IIx L51RI L51RIx L53RI0
    L70II0 series N243 N244 series N245II0
    N245TI0 N245TI2 N251C1 N251C2
    N251S1 N251S6 N251S7 N251S8
    N255ELx N255EN N255ENx N255II3
    N255IIx N255TI2 N255TI3 N258
    N258AS N258AX N258KA N258KAO
    N258SA N258SAO N258SAU N258SAX
    N259EI N259EI3 N259ELx N259EN
    N259EN3 N259ENx N259IA0 N259IA1
    N259IA2 N259IA3 N259IA7 N259II0
    N259II1 N259KI2 N340 N340G
    N340P N340S1 N340S2 N340S8
    N341 N341C1 N341C1 Series N341C2
    N341C2 Series N34B N35B N755
    N755ca3 N755CA5 N755IA N755IA0
    N755IA6 N755IAX N755II N755II0
    N755II1 N755II5 N755II8 N755IIX
    N755IN N755IN0 N755INX N766S
    N766SA N766SAX U40 U40 Series
    U40Si U40SI1 U40SI2 U40SIx
    U50Si U50SI1 U50SI2 U50SIx
    U51LI1 UN255 UN350 Series Uniwill UN L50
    X20 Series