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  • SAMSUNG digital camera batteries are specifically designed for each digital camera brand and model. offers a complete line of SAMSUNG batteries and compatible replacements for most digital camera models. We have developed a SAMSUNG Digital Camera Battery Select Technology that will guide you in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for your digital camera. Your first step is to choose your SAMSUNG model from the list below.
    Please press 'Ctrl+F' to search for your part number/machine model.
    Select SAMSUNG Digital Camera Battery by Part number
    BP1310 BP70A CR-V3 SB-L110G SB-L70G
    SB-LH82 SBP-1103 SBP-1303 SLB-0637 SLB-0737
    SLB-0837 SLB-0837(B) SLB-0837B SLB-0937 SLB-1037
    SLB-10A SLB-1137 SLB-1137C SLB-1137D SLB-11A
    SLB-1237 SLB-1674 SLB-1974 SLB-70A  
    Select SAMSUNG Digital Camera Battery by Model
    AF 1050 AF 1050QD AF 4000 AF 4000QD
    AF 440 AF 440QD AF 480R AF 480RQD
    AF Mini AF Mini R AF Mini Zoom AF Mini Zoom 105
    AF Slim AF Slim Dual AF Slim R AF Slim R QD
    AF Slim Zoom AF Slim Zoom QD AF Zoom 1050 AF Zoom 1050 QD
    AF Zoom 2CX1 AF Zoom 70 QD AF Zoom 800 Alpha Zoom QD
    AQ100 CL5 CL65 CL80
    Digimax 101 Digimax 130 Digimax 200 Digimax 202
    Digimax 210SE Digimax 220SE Digimax 230 Digimax 240
    Digimax 250 Digimax 300 Digimax 301 Digimax 340
    Digimax 350SE Digimax 35MP3 Digimax 360 Digimax 370
    Digimax 401 Digimax 410 Digimax 420 Digimax 430
    Digimax 50Duo Digimax 530 Digimax A4 Digimax A40
    Digimax A400 Digimax A402 Digimax A5 Digimax A50
    Digimax A502 Digimax A503 Digimax A55W Digimax A6
    Digimax A7 Digimax i5 Digimax i50 MP3 Digimax i6 PMP
    Digimax L50 Digimax L55 Digimax L55W Digimax L60
    Digimax L70 Digimax L70B Digimax L80 Digimax L85
    Digimax U-CA3 Digimax U-CA4 Digimax U-CA401 Digimax U-CA5
    Digimax U-CA501 Digimax U-CA505 Digimax V10 Digimax V3
    Digimax V4 Digimax V40 Digimax V4000 Digimax V5
    Digimax V50 Digimax V6 Digimax V70 Digimax V700
    Digimax V800 ECX ECX-1 QD ECX1
    Elite Maxima 120 Elite Maxima 140 Elite Maxima 170 ES30
    ES50 ES55 ES65 ES70
    ES73 ES75 ES80 Evoca 140 Neo
    Evoca 140S Evoca 170 Neo Evoca 170 SE Evoca 70S
    Evoca 80S Evoca Zoom 115 EX1 Fino 105
    Fino 105S Fino 115 Fino 115S Fino 140S
    Fino 145 Fino 170 Super Fino 35S Fino 40
    Fino 45 Fino 70S GX-1 GX-10
    GX-1L GX-1S GX-20 HMX-U10
    HZ10W HZ15W HZ25W HZ30W
    HZ35W i100 i7 i70
    i70S i8 i80 i85
    IT100 L100 L110 L200
    L201 L210 L301 L310W
    L700 L700S L73 L730
    L74 Wide L77 L830 L83T
    M100 M110 M310W Maxima 105
    Maxima 125 Maxima 1350 TiQD Maxima 140S Maxima 140Ti
    Maxima 170Ti Maxima 33S Maxima 40R Maxima 40R QD
    Maxima 70s Maxima 760i Maxima 80i QD Maxima 900
    Maxima 905 Maxima ZM Aplha QD Maxima Zoom 105XL Maxima Zoom 130G
    Maxima Zoom 150GL QD Maxima Zoom 80i Maxima Zoom 90i QD Mini R
    Mini Zoom Mini Zoom 7X QD NV10 NV100HD
    NV103 NV106 HD NV11 NV15
    NV20 NV24HD NV3 NV30
    NV33 NV4 NV40 NV5
    NV7 NV8 NV9 NX
    NX10 NX100 NX11 NX5
    P1000 P800 PL10 PL100
    PL120 PL170 PL20 PL200
    PL50 PL51 PL55 PL60
    PL65 PL70 PL80 PL90
    Pro 815 Pro 815SE Rocas 100 Rocas 200
    SC-D5000 SDC-MS21B SDC-MS21S SL102
    SL202 SL420 SL50 SL502
    SL600 SL605 SL620 SL630
    SL720 SL820 Slim Dual QD Slim R
    Slim RQD Slim Zoom 115S Slim Zoom 125S Slim Zoom 130S
    Slim Zoom 140S Slim Zoom QD ST100 ST1000
    ST30 ST5000 ST5500 ST60
    ST65 ST6500 ST70 ST700
    ST80 ST90 ST95 Super Fino 170 QD
    TL105 TL110 TL205 TL240
    TL320 TL34HD TL350 TL9
    Vega 1400 Vega 140S Vega 170 Vega 170QD
    Vega 290W VLUU NV10 VM-C5000 VP-D5000
    VP-D5000i VP-MS10 VP-MS10BL VP-MS10R
    VP-MS15S WB100 WB1000 WB2000
    WB500 WB5000 WB550 WB600
    WB650 WP10 Zoom 290WS