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  • RYOBI power tool batteries are specifically designed for each power tool brand and model. offers a complete line of RYOBI batteries and compatible replacements for most power tool models. We have developed a RYOBI Power Tool Battery Select Technology that will guide you in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for your power tool. Your first step is to choose your RYOBI model from the list below.
    Please press 'Ctrl+F' to search for your part number/machine model.
    Select RYOBI Power Tool Battery by Part number
    130224007 130224010 130224011 130256001 130281002
    130503001 1311145 1314702 1322401 1322705
    1323303 1400144 1400652 1400652B 1400655
    1400656 1400668 1400669 1400670 1400671
    1400672 4400011 ABP1801 ABP1803 B-1013L
    B-1415L B-1425L B-1430L B-1815-S BPL-1820G
    BPP-1813 BPP-1815 BPP-1817 BPP-1817/2 BPP-1817M
    BPP-1820 BPS-2400 BPS-2420 P103 P104
    Select RYOBI Power Tool Battery by Model
    BB-1600 BDM-143 BFL-140 BHT-2600
    BID-140 BID-1410 BID-142 BID-143
    BID-1440 BID-1801M BID-180L BID1211
    BIW-1465 CAD-180L CAG-180M CAH120LK
    CAP-1801M CCC-1801M CCC-180L CCD-1801
    CCD1201 CCG-1801M CCG-180L CCS-1801/DM
    CCS-1801/LM CCS-1801D CCS-1801LM CCW-180L
    CD100 CDA-18021B CDA18022B CDC-181M
    CDI-1801 CDI-1802 CDI-1802M CDI-1803
    CDI-1803M CFA-180M CFP-180FM CFP-180S
    CFP-180SM CHD-1801M CHD1201 CHD1202
    CHI-1802M CHP-1802M CHV-180L CHV-18WDM
    CID-1802M CID-1802P CID-1803L CID-1803M
    CID-182 CID-182L CID-183L CJS-180L
    CMD-1802 CMD-1802M CMI-1802 CMI-1802M
    CML-180M CNS-1801M CNS-180L CP-180M
    CPD-1800 CPL-180M CRA-180M CRH-240RE
    CRO-180M CRP-1801 CRP-1801/DM CRP-1801D
    CRS 1803 CRS-180L CS1800 CSL-180L
    CSS-1801M CSS-180L CST-180M CTH1201
    CTH1202 CTH1202K2 CTH1442 CTH1442K2
    CTH1802 CTH1802K CTH962K CTR-180L
    CW-1800 FL1200 FL1400 FL1800
    HBD750R HD1800M HJP001 HJP001K
    HJP002 HP1201KM2 HP1201M HP1201MK2
    HP1441 HP1441M HP1441MK2 HP1442M
    HP1442MK2 HP1802M HP612K HP61K
    HP7200K2 HP7200MK2 HP7200NK2 HP721
    HP721K HP961 JG001 LCS-180
    LDD-1802 LDD-1802PB LFP-1802S LRS-180
    MS180 MS181 OBL-1801 OCS-1840
    OGS-1820 OHT-1850 OLT-1830 OPS-1820
    ORS-1801 OWD-1801M P200 P2000
    P201 P203 P206 P210
    P2100 P211 P220 P230
    P240 P2400 P2500 P2600
    P300 P301 P310 P3200
    P3300 P400 P410 P420
    P430 P500 P501 P510
    P520 P521 P522 P530
    P540 P600 P610 P700
    P703 P710 P711 P715
    P730 P740 P813 R10510
    R10520 R10521 R10530 R10531
    R10630 R10631 R10632 R1073K2
    RJC180 RJC181 RY1201 RY1420
    RY62 RY6200 RY6201 RY6202
    RY721 RY721K2 RY961 SPC18
    SS180 TDS4000 TF1100 VC180