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  • Battery chargers are specifically designed for each battery brand and model. We offer a wide range of battery charger replacements which can charge the batteries of most battery models. click the hyperlink, you will find all selected brand's battery machine model numbers, original battery part numbers and original battery charger part numbers with which we have compatible battery chargers.
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    Select by original charger's part number
    D-BC109 D-BC88 D-BC90 K-BC7J
    Select PENTAX Battery Charger by Part number
    2CR5 CR-2 CR2 D-BC92 D-LI109
    D-LI2 D-LI50 D-LI63 D-LI68 D-LI7
    D-LI78 D-LI8 D-Li85 D-LI88 D-LI90
    D-LI95 EI-D-BC1 EI-D-LI1 Optio M60  
    Select PENTAX Battery Charger by Model
    *ist *ist D *ist DS *ist DS2
    645 645D 67 II AFL-240
    AFL-240R AFL-280 AFL-320 Digibino DB100
    EfinaT EfinaT2 EI-2000 Espio 105G
    Espio 105SW Espio 105WR Espio 110 Espio 120
    Espio 120Mi Espio 120SW ESPIO 120SWII Espio 123M
    Espio 140M Espio 140V Espio 145M Espio 150SL
    Espio 160 Espio 170SL Espio 200 Espio 24EW
    Espio 70 Espio 738 Espio 738G Espio 80V
    Espio 838 Espio 838G Espio 928 Espio Date
    Espio JR Espio Mini Espio W IQ ZOOM 105
    IQ ZOOM 105-SR IQ ZOOM 105-WR IQ Zoom 105G IQ ZOOM 105R
    IQ Zoom 105SW IQ Zoom 110 IQ Zoom 115 IQ Zoom 115M
    IQ Zoom 115S IQ Zoom 115V IQ Zoom 120 IQ Zoom 120MI
    IQ Zoom 120SW IQ Zoom 135M IQ Zoom 140 IQ ZOOM 140M
    IQ Zoom 145 Msuper IQ Zoom 145M IQ Zoom 150SL IQ Zoom 160
    IQ Zoom 170SL IQ Zoom 200 IQ Zoom 280P IQ Zoom 28W
    IQ Zoom 60R IQ ZOOM 60S IQ ZOOM 60X IQ ZOOM 70R
    IQ ZOOM 70X IQ Zoom 70XL IQ ZOOM 70Z IQ Zoom 735
    IQ Zoom 80E IQ Zoom 80G IQ Zoom 80S IQ Zoom 835
    IQ Zoom 835D IQ ZOOM 90 IQ Zoom 900 IQ Zoom 90WR
    IQ Zoom 928 IQ Zoom 928M IQ ZOOM 95S IQ Zoom 95WR
    IQ Zoom EZY IQ ZOOM EZY-80 IQ Zoom EZY-R IQ Zoom EZY-S
    IQ ZOOM MZ-6 IQ Zoom XL Date ist K-7
    K-r K100D K10D K110D
    K20D MZ-3 MZ-30 MZ-5N
    MZ-6 MZ-60 MZ-7 MZ-M
    MZ-S Optio 230 Optio 330 Optio 330GS
    Optio 330RS Optio 33L Optio 33LF Optio 430
    Optio 430RS Optio 450 Optio 550 Optio 555
    Optio 750 Optio 750Z Optio A10 Optio A20
    Optio A30 Optio A36 Optio A40 Optio E65
    Optio E75 Optio E85 Optio H90 Optio I-10
    Optio L20 Optio L36 Optio L40 Optio L50
    Optio LS1000 Optio M30 Optio M40 Optio M50
    Optio M60 Optio M85 Optio MX Optio MX4
    Optio P70 Optio P80 Optio RS1500 Optio S
    Optio S10 Optio S12 Optio S4 Optio S4i
    Optio S50 Optio S5i Optio S5n Optio S5z
    Optio S6 Optio S7 Optio SV Optio SVi
    Optio T10 Optio T20 Optio T30 Optio V10
    Optio V20 Optio W10 Optio W20 Optio W30
    Optio W60 Optio W80 Optio W90 Optio WP
    Optio WPi Optio WS80 Optio X Optio Z10
    PZ-1P UC-1 X70 Z-1
    ZX-50 ZX-5N ZX-60 ZX-7
    ZX-L ZX-M