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  • Battery chargers are specifically designed for each battery brand and model. We offer a wide range of battery charger replacements which can charge the batteries of most battery models. click the hyperlink, you will find all selected brand's battery machine model numbers, original battery part numbers and original battery charger part numbers with which we have compatible battery chargers.
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    Select by original charger's part number
    MH-18 MH-18a MH-23 MH-24
    MH-56 MH-56AS MH-62 MH-65
    Select NIKON Battery Charger by Part number
    2CR5 9904 BP-NKL2 CP1 CR123A
    CR2 DDEN-EL2 DL123A DL245 EN-EL1
    EN-EL10 EN-EL11 EN-EL12 EN-EL14 EN-EL2
    EN-EL3 EN-EL3a EN-EL3e EN-EL5 EN-EL7
    EN-EL8 EN-EL9 EN-EL9a EN-EL9e MH-60
    Select NIKON Battery Charger by Model
    10x42SE CF (Binoculars) 12x50SE CF (Binoculars) 28Ti 35Ti
    8x32SE CF (Binoculars) AF600 Coolpix 2100 Coolpix 2200
    Coolpix 2500 Coolpix 3100 Coolpix 3200 Coolpix 3500
    Coolpix 3700 Coolpix 4100 Coolpix 4200 Coolpix 4300
    Coolpix 4500 Coolpix 4800 Coolpix 5000 Coolpix 5200
    Coolpix 5400 Coolpix 5700 Coolpix 5900 Coolpix 600
    Coolpix 700 Coolpix 775 Coolpix 7900 Coolpix 800
    Coolpix 8400 Coolpix 8700 Coolpix 880 Coolpix 8800
    Coolpix 885 Coolpix 950 Coolpix 995 Coolpix E880
    Coolpix P1 Coolpix P100 Coolpix P2 Coolpix P3
    Coolpix P300 Coolpix P4 Coolpix P500 Coolpix P5000
    Coolpix P5100 Coolpix P6000 Coolpix P7000 Coolpix P80
    COOLPIX P90 Coolpix S1 Coolpix S10 COOLPIX S1000pj
    Coolpix S1100pj Coolpix S2 Coolpix S200 Coolpix S210
    COOLPIX S220 COOLPIX S230 Coolpix S3 Coolpix S3000
    Coolpix S4000 Coolpix S5 Coolpix S50 Coolpix S500
    Coolpix S50c Coolpix S51 Coolpix S510 Coolpix S51c
    Coolpix S52 Coolpix S520 Coolpix S52c Coolpix S550
    Coolpix S560 Coolpix S6 Coolpix S60 Coolpix S600
    Coolpix S6000 Coolpix S610 Coolpix S6100 Coolpix S610C
    COOLPIX S620 COOLPIX S630 Coolpix S7 Coolpix S700
    Coolpix S710 Coolpix S7c Coolpix S8 Coolpix S8000
    Coolpix S9 Coolpix S9100 Coolpix SQ D100
    D100 SLR D200 D300 D3000
    D300s D40 D40x D50
    D5000 D60 D70 D70s
    D80 D90 DSLR D3100 DSLR D700
    E880 F100(ONLY MS-13) F50 F50D
    F55 F55D F6 F60D
    F65 F65D F70 F70D
    F75D F80 F90X FD 80D
    FD 80S Fun Touch 5 LITE TOUCH LITE TOUCH 110S
    Lite Touch Zoom Lite Touch Zoom 105 Lite Touch Zoom 110 Lite Touch Zoom 110s QD
    Lite Touch Zoom 120 EO Lite Touch Zoom 120 QD Lite Touch Zoom 130 ED Lite Touch Zoom 130 QD
    Lite Touch Zoom 140 ED Lite Touch Zoom 140 QD Lite Touch Zoom 150 ED Lite Touch Zoom 70s
    Lite Touch Zoom 70W Lite Touch Zoom 70W QD Lite Touch Zoom 70Ws Lite Touch Zoom 80
    Lite Touch Zoom 80 QD Mini Zoom 400 Mini Zoom 600 N55
    N65 N70 N75 N80
    N80QD N90S NIGHT SEARCH ( Night Vision Scope) Nuvis 200
    Nuvis 300 Nuvis S Nuvis S 2000 Nuvis V
    One Touch Zoom 90 One Touch Zoom 90 QD One Touch Zoom 90S One Touch Zoom 90S QD
    Pronea 600i Pronea S RF 2D S570
    S640 S70 SB-30 (Speedlight) SB-50DX (Speedlight)
    Speedlinght SB-800 Zoom 200 Zoom 300 Zoom 400
    Zoom 600 ZOOM 600 QD Zoom 700VR ZOOM 800
    Zoom 800QD Zoom Touch 105-VRQD Zoom Touch 8000