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  • MSI laptop batteries are specifically designed for each laptop brand and model. offers a complete line of MSI batteries and compatible replacements for most laptop models. We have developed a MSI Laptop Battery Select Technology that will guide you in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for your laptop. Your first step is to choose your MSI model from the list below.
    Please press 'Ctrl+F' to search for your part number/machine model.
    Select MSI Laptop Battery by Part number
    0299-MP1006J443 1016T-006 1049020050 14L-MS6837D1 3715A-MS6837D1
    40029150 40029231 40029683 6317A-RTL8187SE 91NMS17LD4SU1
    91NMS17LF6SU1 925C2310F 957-1016T-006 957-173XXP-101 957-173XXP-102
    A32-A15 A41-A15 A42-A15 A42-H36 BMS06
    BMS14 BTY-L71 BTY-L72 BTY-L74 BTY-L75
    BTY-M42 BTY-M52 BTY-S11 BTY-S12 BTY-S13
    BTY-S14 BTY-S15 BTY-S26 BTY-S31 BTY-S32
    E2MS110K2002 E2MS110W2002 E2MS115K2002 GBM-BMS050ABA00 GBM-BMS050AWA00
    GBM-BMS080AAA00 GBM-BMS080ABA00 GMS-BMS0602ABA00 GMS-BMS0602ABA10-G MS-1682
    MS1006 MS1012 NB-BT002 NB-BT003 NB-BT006
    NB-BT007 NB-BT008 S91-0200050-W38 S91-0300033-SB3 S91-030003C-SB3
    S91-0300063-G43 S91-0300140-W38 S91-0300161-W38 S9N0182200-G43 SA20083-01
    SA20084-01 TX2-RTL8187SE WT10536A4091   
    Select MSI Laptop Battery by Model
    A5000 Series A6000 Series A6200 Series A6400 Series
    CR600 Series CR600-001US CR600-013US CR600-017US
    CR600-234US CR610 Series CR610-001NL CR610-003HU
    CR610-005 CR610-006 CR610-006NE CR610-007PL
    CR610-009PL CR610-011IT CR610-013 CR610-013UK
    CR610-016UK CR610-026XCZ CR610-027XSK CR610-028X
    CR610-028XHU CR610-031LRU CR610-033 CR610-050BE
    CR610-051 CR610-058PL CR610-059PL CR610-060XPL
    CR610-061XPL CR610-062NL CR610-063BE CR610-070X
    CR610-070XEU CR610-075AR CR610-081XHU CR610-091XBL
    CR610-092XAR CR610-097RU CR610-0W1XBL CR610-0W2XEU
    CR610-M1005Q CR610-M1023W7P CR610-M1025W7P CR610-M1226W7P
    CR610-M320 CR610-M3243W7P CR620 Series CR640 Series
    CR640DX CR640MX CR640X CR650
    CR700 Series CR700-012US CR700-013NL CR700-017CA
    CR700-024 CR700-034 CR700-038PL CR700-047US
    CR700-060X CR700-063X CR700-068XEU CR700-070XSK
    CR700-071XHU CR700-075 CR700-085FR CR700-099NL
    CR700-200BE CR700-202XEU CR700-204BE CR700-205NE
    CR700-206RU CR700-211 CR700-211FR CR700-220XCZ
    CR700-221XSK CR700-2226 CR700-223L CR700-223LRU
    CR700-231 CR700-T3035FD CR700-T6600 CR700X-029EU
    CX-600-T4343W7P CX600 Series CX600-049US CX600-064UK
    CX610-050BE CX640 Series CX640DX CX640MX
    CX640X CX650 CX700 Series EX300
    EX310 EX320 FR400 FR600
    FR610 FR620 FR700 FX400 Series
    FX420 FX600 Series FX603 FX610 Series
    FX620 FX620DX FX700 Series GE620
    GE620DX M1034 M655 M660
    M660m M662 M670 M673
    M675 M677 MEGABOOK Megabook L710
    Megabook L715 Megabook L720 Megabook L725 Megabook L730
    Megabook L735 Megabook L740 Megabook L745 Megabook M520
    Megabook M522 MegaBook MS-1006 MegaBook MS-1012 MegaBook MS-1013
    MegaBook MS-1057 MegaBook MS-1058 MegaBook S250 MegaBook S260
    MegaBook S262 MegaBook S270 MegaBook S271 MegaBook S420
    MegaBook S425 MegaBook S430 Megabook VR320 Megabook VR320X
    Megabook VR330 Megabook VR330X MS-1022 MS-1024
    PR300 PR310 PR320 PX200
    PX210 PX211 S250 S260
    S270 VR200 VR201 VR210
    VR220 VR600 Wind MS-N011 Wind U100 Series
    Wind U100-001CA Wind U100-002CA Wind U100-002LA Wind U100-030CA
    Wind U100-035LA Wind U100-035US Wind U100-036LA Wind U100-037CA
    Wind U100-039LA Wind U100-053LA Wind U100X Wind U210-006US
    Wind U90 Series Wind12 U200 Series(white) Wind12 U210 Series(White) Wind12 U230(White)
    X320 X320-007CA X320-037US X320X
    X340 X340-021US X340-023US X340-048US
    X340-200 X340-200US X340X X350
    X350X X360 X360X X370
    X400 X400X X410 X410X
    X420 X420X X430 X430X
    X620 X620X