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  • MINOLTA digital camera batteries are specifically designed for each digital camera brand and model. offers a complete line of MINOLTA batteries and compatible replacements for most digital camera models. We have developed a MINOLTA Digital Camera Battery Select Technology that will guide you in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for your digital camera. Your first step is to choose your MINOLTA model from the list below.
    Please press 'Ctrl+F' to search for your part number/machine model.
    Select MINOLTA Digital Camera Battery by Part number
    CR-2 CR-V3 CR-V3P LB-01 NP-200
    NP-400 NP-500    
    Select MINOLTA Digital Camera Battery by Model
    Action Zoom 90 AF Zoom 35mm AF Zoom 80mm Capios 115S
    Capios 125S Capios 130S Capios 140A Capios 150S
    Capios 160A Capios 70W Capios 75W DiMAGE A1
    DiMAGE E203 DiMAGE E223 DiMAGE E323 DiMAGE F100
    DiMAGE F200 DiMAGE F300 DiMAGE G500 DiMAGE X
    DiMAGE Xi DiMAGE Xt DiMAGE Xt Biz Dynax 3
    Dynax 30 Dynax 5 Dynax 60 Dynax 7
    Dynax 9 Freedom 140EX Freedom Action Zoom Freedom Action Zoom 90
    Freedom Escort Freedom Family Zoom II Freedom Sightseer Freedom Sightseer Zoom
    Freedom Supreme EX Freedom TC 1 Freedom Vista Freedom Zoom
    Freedom Zoom 115 Freedom Zoom 130S Freedom Zoom 140A Freedom Zoom 150
    Freedom Zoom 160A Freedom Zoom 70 Freedom Zoom Explorer Freedom Zoom Explorer 1
    Freedom Zoom Explorer EX Freedom Zoom Supreme FZ160C Maxxum 4
    Maxxum 9 Maxxum 9Ti Orion Freedom Zoom Riva 125EX
    Riva 135EX Riva 140EX Riva Mini Riva Panorama
    Riva Zoom 105EX Riva Zoom 115 Riva Zoom 125 Riva Zoom 125EX
    Riva Zoom 130 Riva Zoom 140 Riva Zoom 150 Riva Zoom 160
    Riva Zoom 28 Riva Zoom 70 Riva Zoom 70EX Riva Zoom 70W
    Riva Zoom 75W Riva Zoom 90C Riva Zoom Pico TC-1
    Zoom 110 Zoom 130C Zoom 150C Zoom 160
    Zoom 70EX Zoom 85   
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