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  • LG mobile phone batteries are specifically designed for each mobile phone brand and model. offers a complete line of LG batteries and compatible replacements for most mobile phone models. We have developed a LG Mobile Phone Battery Select Technology that will guide you in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for your mobile phone. Your first step is to choose your LG model from the list below.
    Please press 'Ctrl+F' to search for your part number/machine model.
    Select LG Mobile Phone Battery by Part number
    BL-42FN BL-44JN FL-53HN LGIP-400N LGIP-401N
    LGIP-410A LGIP-470A LGIP-470A(BL9970) LGIP-470N LGIP-470R
    LGIP-520N LGIP-550N LGIP-570A LGIP-570N LGIP-580A
    Select LG Mobile Phone Battery by Model
    Arena KM900 AX830 BL20 BL20v
    BL40 C550 Chocolate Chocolate Gold
    Chocolate Platinum CU915 CU920 E400
    E510 E720 E730 F2250
    G2X GB102 GB220 GC900 Viewty Smart
    GD310 GD510 POP GD580 GD880 Mini
    GD900 Crystal GD910 Glimmer GM310
    GM730 GM750 GS101 GT500 Puccini
    GT505 GW520 GW550 GW620
    GW820 eXpo GW880 KC550 KC560
    KC780 KC780 Reina KE800 KE820
    KE850 KE998 KF310 KF350
    KF350 Ice Cream KF510 KF690 KF700
    KF750 KF755 KF757 Secret KF900 Prada II
    KG800 KG90 KG90C KG90n
    KM900 KP100 KP105 KP130
    KP170 KP235 KP500 KP501
    KP501 Cookie KS360 KS365 KS500
    KT520 KT770 KU970 Shine KU990
    KU990i KV600 KV800 KW838
    LN510 Optimus 2X Optimus 3D Optimus Black
    Optimus chat Optimus GT540 Optimus L3 Optimus Me
    Optimus Net Optimus One Optimus Sol Optinus HUB
    P350 P503 P690 P920
    P970 P990 P999 Prada
    Renoir KC910 Secret Shine II GD710 Shine KE770
    Shine KE970 Shine KE970(BL9970) Shine KF600 Shine KG70
    Shine KG70c Shine KG77 Shine KU970 TG800
    UX830 Viewty VIEWTY LITE Vu
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