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  • Battery chargers are specifically designed for each battery brand and model. We offer a wide range of battery charger replacements which can charge the batteries of most battery models. click the hyperlink, you will find all selected brand's battery machine model numbers, original battery part numbers and original battery charger part numbers with which we have compatible battery chargers.
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    CR-V3 CR123 CR2 CRV3 DL123
    K123LA K223LA KAA2HR KCR2 KL123LA
    KL2CR5 KLIC-3000 KLIC-5000 KLIC-5001 KLIC-7000
    KLIC-7001 KLIC-7002 KLIC-7003 KLIC-7004 KLIC-8000
    Select KODAK Battery Charger by Model
    Advantix 3100AF Advantix 3200AF Advantix 3600IX Advantix 3700IX
    Advantix 3800IX Advantix 4100 IX Advantix 4100 IX Zoom Advantix 4700 IX
    Advantix 4700 IX Zoom Advantix 4800 IX Advantix 4800 IX Zoom Advantix 5800MRX Zoom
    Advantix C650 Zoom Advantix C700 Zoom Advantix C750 Advantix C800
    Advantix C850 Zoom Advantix F600 Advantix F600 Zoom Advantix F620 Zoom
    Advantix Film Advantix Preview Advantix T40 Auto Advantix T500 Auto Focus
    Advantix T550 Auto Focus Advantix T570 Auto Focus Advantix T70 Zoom Advantix T700 Zoom
    Cameo 880 Cameo AF Cameo AFM Cameo Sharp Focus
    Cameo Zoom Cameo Zoom Plus DC25 DC4800
    DC4800 Zoom EasyShare C300 EasyShare C310 EasyShare C315
    EasyShare C330 EasyShare C340 EasyShare C360 EasyShare C433
    EasyShare C433 Zoom EasyShare C513 Zoom EasyShare C530 EasyShare C533 Zoom
    EasyShare C603 EasyShare C613 EasyShare C643 EasyShare C643 Zoom
    EasyShare C653 EasyShare C663 EasyShare C663 Zoom EasyShare C703
    EasyShare C713 Zoom EasyShare C743 EasyShare C743 Zoom EasyShare C763
    EasyShare C813 Zoom EasyShare C875 EasyShare C875 Zoom EasyShare CD33
    EasyShare CD40 EasyShare CD43 EasyShare CW330 EasyShare CX4200
    EasyShare CX4210 EasyShare CX4230 EasyShare CX4300 EasyShare CX4310
    EasyShare CX6200 EasyShare CX6230 EasyShare CX6330 EasyShare CX6445
    EasyShare CX7220 EasyShare CX7300 EasyShare CX7310 EasyShare CX7330
    EasyShare CX7430 EasyShare CX7525 EasyShare CX7530 EasyShare DX3215
    EasyShare DX3500 EasyShare DX3600 EasyShare DX3700 EasyShare DX3900
    EasyShare DX4330 EasyShare DX4530 EasyShare DX4900 EasyShare DX6340
    EasyShare DX6440 EasyShare DX6490 EasyShare DX7440 EasyShare DX7440 Zoom
    EasyShare DX7590 EasyShare DX7590 Zoom EasyShare DX7630 EasyShare LS420
    EasyShare LS433 EasyShare LS443 EasyShare LS633 EasyShare LS743
    EasyShare LS753 EasyShare LS755 EasyShare M1033 Easyshare M1063
    EasyShare M380 EASYSHARE M381 EasyShare M420 EasyShare M522
    Easyshare M530 EasyShare M532 Easyshare M550 EasyShare M552
    Easyshare M575 Easyshare M580 EasyShare M583 EasyShare M590
    EASYSHARE M753 ZOOM Easyshare M763 EASYSHARE M853 ZOOM Easyshare M863
    EASYSHARE M873 ZOOM EASYSHARE M883 ZOOM EasyShare M893 IS Easyshare MD30
    EasyShare Mini EasyShare One Series EasyShare One Zoom EasyShare P712
    EasyShare P850 EasyShare P880 EasyShare Touch Easyshare V1003
    Easyshare V1073 EasyShare V1233 EasyShare V1253 Easyshare V1273
    EasyShare V530 EasyShare V530 Zoom EasyShare V550 EasyShare V570
    EasyShare V603 EasyShare V603 Zoom EasyShare V610 EasyShare V705
    EasyShare V803 Easyshare Z1012 IS Easyshare Z1085 IS EASYSHARE Z1275 ZOOM
    Easyshare Z1285 Zoom Easyshare Z1485 IS EasyShare Z612 EasyShare Z650
    EasyShare Z650 Zoom EasyShare Z700 EasyShare Z710 EasyShare Z712 IS
    EasyShare Z730 EasyShare Z730 Zoom EasyShare Z740 EasyShare Z7590
    EasyShare Z7590 Zoom EasyShare Z760 EasyShare Z760 Zoom EasyShare Z812 IS Zoom
    EasyShare Z885 EASYSHARE Z950 Easyshare ZD710 Zoom KD40
    KD45 KD60 KD65 KD70
    KD75 KE60 KLIC-7003 M1093 IS
    Slice Star 1035Z Star 1035ZD Star 105ZD
    Star 1075Z Star 935 Star Zoom 105 Star Zoom 105 QD
    Zi8 Zx1