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  • Battery chargers are specifically designed for each battery brand and model. We offer a wide range of battery charger replacements which can charge the batteries of most battery models. click the hyperlink, you will find all selected brand's battery machine model numbers, original battery part numbers and original battery charger part numbers with which we have compatible battery chargers.
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    Select by original charger's part number
    79H10025-00M PSAA05A-050 TC P300  
    Select HTC Battery Charger by Part number
    35H00061-17M 35H00101-00M 35H00111-06M 35H00113-00M BA S210
    BA S260 BA S270 BA S320 BLAC160 DIAM160
    DIAM171 DREA160 ELF0160 KAIS160 LIBR160
    NIKI160 PHAR160 POLA160   
    Select HTC Battery Charger by Model
    Advantage X7500 Advantage X7501 BLAC100 Blackstone
    Blackstone 100 Breeze 100 Dream Elf
    Galaxy Hermes HTC Shift KAIS130
    Kaiser Magician Mogul MteoR
    Nike Opal P3300 P3301
    P3350 P3450 P3470 P3479 (Pharos)
    P3600 P3600i P3650 P3700
    P3702 Victor P4000 P4350 P4550
    P5500 P5520 P6500 Panda
    Pharos 100 Polaris 100 RAPH100 Raphael
    S310 S620 S630 S650
    S710 S730 Shift X9500 T2223
    T7272 T8282 Titan 100 Touch
    Touch Cruise Touch Diamond TOUCH DUAL Touch HD
    Touch Pro Touch Viva Trinity 100 TyTN
    TyTN II TyTN III Vogue Wizard
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    Acer Battery Charger Canon Battery Charger HP Battery Charger
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