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  • GATEWAY laptop batteries are specifically designed for each laptop brand and model. offers a complete line of GATEWAY batteries and compatible replacements for most laptop models. We have developed a GATEWAY Laptop Battery Select Technology that will guide you in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for your laptop. Your first step is to choose your GATEWAY model from the list below.
    Please press 'Ctrl+F' to search for your part number/machine model.
    Select GATEWAY Laptop Battery by Part number
    101339 101340 101341 101343 101955
    102306 102738 102739 102800 102801
    102889 104891 106125 106651 1066516
    107063 1527196 1528266 1533216 1533218
    1534119 2MA3BTLI603 2MA7BTLI612 2PA2BTLI602 2TA1BTLI603
    2TA1BTLI808 2TA1BTLIC01 2TA6BTLI607 3RU18650F-2-QC-TA1K 3UR18650F-2-QC-MA1
    3UR18650F-2-QC-MA6 3UR18650F-2-QC-TA1K 40006971 4UR18650-2-QC-MA1 4UR18650F-2-QC-TA1
    5337 6104 6105 6500449 6500508
    6500631 6500632 6500663 6500665 6500671
    6500710 6500711 6500716 6500737 6500738
    6500819 6500917 6500921 6500948 6500949
    6500972 6500982 6500983 6500996 6501001
    6501060 6501091 6501097 6911B00084B 6MSB
    6MSBG 8MSB 8MSBG 916-4060 916-4610F
    916-4790 916C3350F 916C3360F 916C4610F 916C4720F
    916C4730F 916C4790F 934T2920F 934T2960F AAFQ50100005K4
    AAFQ50100005K5 AAFQ50100005K6 AAFQ50100005K7 ACEAAFQ50100005K1 ACEAAFQ50100005K4
    ACEAAFQ50100005K5 ACEAAFQ50100005K6 ACEAAFQ50100005K7 ACEAAHB50100001K0 ACEB0185010000001
    ACEB0185010000002 ACEB0185010000004 ACEB0185010000005 ACEB0185010000006 ACEB0785010000001
    AHA63224614 AHA63224819 AHA63224827 AHA63224A34 AHA63224A69
    AHA63226064 AHA842240a0 AHA84226004 AHAC4322018 AK.006BT.076
    AL10E31 AS09A31 AS09A51 AS09A61 AS09A71
    AS10H31 AS10H3E AS10H51 AS10H5E AS10H75
    AS10H7E BT.00603.118 BT.00603.119 BT.00605.066 BT.00605.067
    BT.00607.132 BT.00607.133 DAK100440 DAK100440-000127 DAK100440-X
    DAK100440-Y GT-M210 Li4402A Li4402AE QNB1BTIZZZ00D4
    QNB1BTIZZZ0125 QND1BTIZZZ00E2 S62044L SQU-203 SQU-412
    SQU-413 SQU-414 SQU-415 SQU-507 SQU-508
    SQU-515 SQU-516 SQU-517 SQU-715 UM08A73
    UR18650F VB47151000102 W32044L W32066LD W35044LB
    W35052LB-SP W43044L    
    Select GATEWAY Laptop Battery by Model
    3000 Series 3000GZ Series 3018GZ 3040GZ
    3520GZ 3522GZ 3525GB 3545GZ
    3550GH 3550GZ 3610GZ 400 Series
    4000 Series 400L 400S Plus 400SP
    400VSP 400VTX 400X 4012GZ
    4024GZ 4025GZ 4026GZ 4028GZ
    4028JP 4030GH 4030GZ 450 Series
    450E 450L 450RGH 450ROG
    450S 450SP 450SX4 450X
    450XL 4520GZ 4525GZ 4530GH
    4530GZ 4535GZ 4536GZ 4538GZ
    4540GZ 4541BZ 4542GP 4543BZ
    6000 Series 6105 6500 Series 6501001
    7000 Series 7000GX Series 7000GZ Series 7000S
    7110GX 7210 7210GX 7215
    7215GX 7305 7305GZ 7310MX
    7312MX 7320 7320GZ 7322
    7322GZ 7324 7324GZ 7325
    7325GZ 7326 7326GZ 7330
    7330GH 7330GZ 7405 7405GH
    7405GX 7410 7410GX 7415
    7415GX 7422 7422GX 7425JP
    7426 7426GX 7430JP 7508GX
    7510GX 8000 Series 8500 Series C-140
    C-140 Series C-140S C-140X C-140XL
    C-141 C-141X C-141XL C-142XL
    C-143X C-143XL C140 C140X
    C140XL C141 C141X C141XL
    C142XL C143X C143XL CX200
    CX200S CX200X CX210 CX210S
    CX210X CX210X Series CX2600 CX2608
    CX2610 CX2615 CX2618 CX2619
    CX2620 CX2620H CX26XX CX26XX Series
    CX2700 CX2720 CX2724 CX2724H
    CX2726 CX2728 CX2735m CX2750
    CX2755 E-295 E-295C E-295C Series
    EC39C Series EC49C Series ID43A Series ID47H
    ID47H02c ID47H02c-2312G50Mnss ID47H02u ID47H03h
    ID47H03u ID47H03u-2414G50Mnss ID47H05M-MX ID49C Series
    ID53A Series ID57H ID57H02u ID57H03h
    ID57H19a-2414G64Mnss ID59C Series LT1001J LT2000
    LT23 LT2304C M-1400 Series M-1408j
    M-150 M-1600 Series M-1615 M-1617
    M-1618 M-1618N M-1618R M-1619j
    M-6305 M-6307 M-6308 M-6800 Series
    M-6801m M-6802m M-6803m M-6804m
    M-6808m M-6815 M-6816 M-6817
    M-6822 M-6823 M-6823a M-6829b
    M210 Series M250 Series M250A M250B
    M250E M250ES M250G M250GS
    M280 M280E M280E-QS M285
    M285-E M285-E SB M285-G M285E
    M295 M320 M325 M520 Series
    M520CS M520HX M520S M520X
    M520XL M6300 Series M6700 Series MC7310u
    MC7321u MC7801u MC7803u MC7804h
    MC7805e MC7825u MC7833u MD7309u
    MD7311h MD7311u MD7312h MD7321u
    MD7327u MD7329u MD7330u MD7333u
    MD7334u MD7335u MD7801u MD7802h
    MD7804e MD7811u MD7818u MD7820u
    MD7822u MD7826u MX3000 Series MX3042
    MX3044 MX3044H MX3050B MX3210
    MX3212 MX3215 MX3220B MX3222B
    MX3225 MX3228 MX3228H MX3230
    MX3230H MX3231 MX3235M MX3558
    MX3558H MX3560 MX3560H MX3562
    MX3563 MX3563H MX3610 MX3631M
    MX6000 Series MX6100 Series MX6200 Series MX6400 Series
    MX6600 Series MX6700 Series MX6900 Series MX7000 Series
    MX7100 MX7118 MX7120 MX7315
    MX7337 MX7337h MX7340 MX7500
    MX7515 MX7515m MX7520h MX7525
    MX7527 MX8000 Series MX8500 Series NS41I
    NS51I NV40 Series NV4000 NV4000C
    NV4001 NV4001C NV4002C NV4005C
    NV4006C NV42 Series NV4200 NV44 Series
    NV4400 NV4402C NV4406C NV4413C
    NV4414C NV4425C NV4426C NV4427C
    NV4428C NV4429C NV4430C NV48 Series
    NV4800 NV4803C NV4804g NV4808C
    NV4809C NV4810C NV4811C NV49C
    NV49C13C NV49xx NV50A NV51B
    NV52 NV52 Serie NV5202C NV5203C
    NV5205C NV5207U NV5211U NV5212U
    NV5213U NV5214U NV5215U NV5216U
    NV53 NV5302U NV5331U NV5332U
    NV5333U NV5334U NV5335U NV5336U
    NV5337U NV5356U NV5362U NV5369ZU
    NV5370U NV5373U NV5376U NV5378U
    NV5380U NV5381U NV5383U NV5384U
    NV5385U NV5386U NV5387U NV5388U
    NV5389U NV5390U NV53A NV53A11u
    NV54 NV5421U NV5423U NV5425U
    NV5435U NV5453U NV5462U NV5465U
    NV5468U NV5469ZU NV5470U NV5471U
    NV5473U NV5474U NV5478U NV55C
    NV56 NV5602U NV5606U NV5610U
    NV5613U NV5614U NV5615U NV58
    NV5807U NV5810U NV5814U NV5815U
    NV5820U NV5911U NV5913U NV5915U
    NV5917U NV5918U NV5921U NV5922U
    NV5923U NV5925U NV5926U NV5927U
    NV5928U NV5929U NV5930U NV5931U
    NV5932U NV5933U NV5934U NV5935U
    NV5936U NV5937U NV59C NV59C43U
    NV73A NV78 NV7802U NV79C
    NX200 Series NX200S NX200X NX210
    NX250 Series NX250X NX7000 Series P-170 Series
    P-6300 Series P-6301 P-6302 P-6822
    P-6825 P6800 Series S-7000N S-7200
    S-7200C S-7200N S-7225C S-7235R
    S-7235R Series Solo 1100 Solo 1150 Solo 1400
    Solo 1450 Solo 200ARC Series T-1600 Series T-1616
    T-1620 T-1621 T-1622 T-1625
    T-6311 T-6800 Series T-6801m T-6802m
    T-6815 T-6815h T-6816 T-6816h
    T-6817c T-6818c T-6819c T-6820c
    T-6821c T-6822c T-6823c T6300 Series