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  • CLEVO laptop batteries are specifically designed for each laptop brand and model. offers a complete line of CLEVO batteries and compatible replacements for most laptop models. We have developed a CLEVO Laptop Battery Select Technology that will guide you in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for your laptop. Your first step is to choose your CLEVO model from the list below.
    Please press 'Ctrl+F' to search for your part number/machine model.
    Select CLEVO Laptop Battery by Part number
    1001GPG 1002P 2820 2830 2850
    6-87-C450S-4R4 6-87-C480S-4G41 6-87-C480S-4P4 6-87-C480S-4P42 6-87-C480S-4P43
    6-87-E412S-4D7 6-87-E412S-4Y4A 87-22085-42C 87-8888S-498 87-8888S-4E8
    87-D408S-495 87-D408S-4C5 87-D408S-4D5 87-D408S-4E5 87-D618S-498
    87-D618S-4E8 87-D628S-4E8 87-D638S-498 87-M12CS-49E 87-M12CS-49F
    87-M308S-4C5 87-M36CS-496 87-M375S-4D5 87-M54GS-4D3 87-M54GS-4D31
    87-M54GS-4D3A 87-M54GS-4D4 87-M54GS-4J4 BAT-4020 BAT-4094
    BAT-6120 BAT-8814 BAT-8880 BAT-8890 C4500BAT-6
    D400S BAT-8 M120BAT-4 M120BAT-8 M22BAT-8 M300BAT-6
    M310BAT-6 M360BAT M360BAT-12 M360BAT-6 M375BAT-6
    M540BAT-6 ME202BB QXS-BAT-ION W2CD61  
    Select CLEVO Laptop Battery by Model
    1100 Series 2200 2200C 2200T
    2700 2700C 2700T 2800
    2800T 2820 2830 2850
    5100 620C D620E B4100M Series B4105 Series
    B5100M Series B5130M Series B7110 Series B7130 Series
    C4100 Series C4500 Series C4500Q Series C5100Q Series
    C5105 Series C5500Q Series C5500QC Series C5505 Series
    C5505C Series Clevo 6200 Clevo 66 Clevo 82H
    Clevo 86 Clevo 860 Clevo 862 Clevo 863
    Clevo 86A Clevo 86CE Clevo 870 Clevo 873
    Clevo 875 Clevo 96 Clevo 96H Clevo 98
    D220S D22ES D270S D27ES
    D400 D400E D400H D400K
    D400P D400S D40EF D40EV
    D410 D410E D410H D410S
    D41EF D41ES D41EV D420E
    D420P D420S D420V D42EF
    D42ES D42EV D430E D610 series
    D610C D610E D610S D610SU
    D620 series D620S D620SU D630 series
    D630C D630E D630S D630SU
    KAPOK 3200 KAPOK 3220 KAPOK 3400 KAPOK 3420
    KAPOK 3600 KAPOK 3620 M220S M270S
    M300N M310N M350B M350C
    M360C M361C M362C M375C
    M375E M37EW M660 M661
    M665 Mobinote 3100-3600 MobiNote M120 MobiNote M120C
    MobiNote M120W MobiNote M121 MobiNote M121C MobiNote M121W series
    MobiNote M540G MobiNote M540V MobiNote M541G MobiNote M541V
    MobiNote M545G MobiNote M545V MobiNote M54G MobiNote M54V
    MobiNote M550G MobiNote M550V MobiNote M551G MobiNote M551V
    MobiNote M555G MobiNote M555V MobiNote M55G MobiNote M55V
    Model 98 PortaNote 980 PortaNote 982 PortaNote 982A
    PortaNote 982G W150 Series W150DAQ Series W150ER Series
    W150ERQ Series W150HM Series W150HN Series W150HNM Series
    W150HNQ Series W150HR Series W150HRM Series W150HRQ Series
    W170ER Series W170HN Series W170HR Series W240EU Series
    W240EUQ Series W240HU Series W250ES Series W250EUQ Series
    W250HUQ Series W251EG Series W251EQ Series W25AEF Series