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  • CANON digital camera batteries are specifically designed for each digital camera brand and model. offers a complete line of CANON batteries and compatible replacements for most digital camera models. We have developed a CANON Digital Camera Battery Select Technology that will guide you in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for your digital camera. Your first step is to choose your CANON model from the list below.
    Please press 'Ctrl+F' to search for your part number/machine model.
    Select CANON Digital Camera Battery by Part number
    2CR5 7084A001 7084A002 BP-2L14 BP-2L5
    BP-2LH BP-508 BP-511 BP-512 CR-2
    CR-V3 CR-V3P CR123A CR2 DL123A
    LB-01 LP-E10 LP-E12 LP-E4 LP-E5
    LP-E6 LP-E8 NB-10L NB-11L NB-1L
    NB-1LH NB-2L NB-2LH NB-3L NB-4L
    NB-5H NB-5L NB-6L NB-7L NB-8L
    NB-9L NB10L NP-85 NP-E3  
    Select CANON Digital Camera Battery by Model
    A1 Date AutBoy BF80 AutBoy Luna AutoBoy 155
    Autoboy 180 AutoBoy A (Ace) AutoBoy A XL AutoBoy BF80
    AutoBoy D5 AutoBoy EPO AutoBoy F AutoBoy F XL
    AutoBoy J(Jack) AutoBoy Juno AutoBoy Juno 76 AutoBoy Luna
    AutoBoy Luna 105 AutoBoy Luna 105 S AutoBoy Luna 35 AutoBoy Luna 85
    AutoBoy Luna XL AutoBoy Mini J AutoBoy Mini T (Tele) Autoboy N105
    Autoboy N115 Autoboy N130II Autoboy N150 Autoboy N80
    AutoBoy S (Super) AutoBoy S XL AutoBoy SII XL CONTAX
    DC301 DC310 DC320 DC330
    DC420 Digital IXUS 100 IS Digital IXUS 110 IS Digital IXUS 120 IS
    Digital IXUS 200 IS Digital IXUS 200a Digital IXUS 30 Digital IXUS 300
    Digital IXUS 300a Digital IXUS 320 Digital IXUS 330 Digital IXUS 40
    Digital IXUS 400 Digital IXUS 430 Digital IXUS 50 Digital IXUS 500
    Digital IXUS 55 Digital IXUS 60 Digital IXUS 65 Digital IXUS 70
    Digital IXUS 700 Digital IXUS 75 Digital IXUS 750 DIGITAL IXUS 80 IS
    Digital IXUS 800IS Digital IXUS 850 IS Digital IXUS 860 IS Digital IXUS 870 IS
    Digital IXUS 90 IS Digital IXUS 900 Ti Digital IXUS 95 IS Digital IXUS 950 IS
    Digital IXUS 960 IS Digital IXUS 970 IS Digital IXUS 980 IS Digital IXUS 990 IS
    Digital IXUS i Digital IXUS i Zoom Digital IXUS i5 Digital IXUS i7 Zoom
    Digital IXUS II Digital IXUS IIs Digital IXUS V Digital IXUS V2
    Digital IXUS V3 Digital IXUS VII Digital IXUS WIRELESS Digital Rebel XTi
    DM-MV100X DM-MV100Xi DM-MV30 DM-MV400
    DM-MV430 DM-MV450 ELPH 2 ELPH 370Z
    ELPH Glacier ELPH Jr ELPH LT ELPH LT 260
    ELPH LT 270C ELPH Sport ELPH Sunshine ELPH Z3
    Elura 40MC Elura 50 Elura 60 Elura 65
    Elura 70 Elura 80 Elura 85 Elura 90
    EOS 1000D EOS 10D EOS 1100D EOS 1D
    EOS 1D Mark II EOS 1D Mark II N EOS 1D Mark III EOS 1DS
    EOS 1DS Mark II EOS 1Ds Mark III EOS 1V EOS 1V HS
    EOS 3 EOS 30 EOS 300 EOS 3000N
    EOS 3000V EOS 300D EOS 300V EOS 300X
    EOS 30D EOS 30V EOS 33 EOS 33V
    EOS 350D EOS 400D EOS 450D EOS 500
    EOS 5000 EOS 500D EOS 500N EOS 550D
    EOS 5D EOS 5D Mark II EOS 600D EOS 66
    EOS 7 EOS 7D EOS 7S EOS 88
    EOS D60 EOS Digital Rebel EOS Digital Rebel XT EOS Digital Rebel XTi
    EOS IX Lite EOS Kiss EOS Kiss 5 EOS Kiss 7
    EOS Kiss Digital EOS Kiss Digital N EOS Kiss Digital X EOS Kiss F
    EOS Kiss III EOS Kiss III L EOS Kiss Lite EOS Kiss X2
    EOS Kiss X3 EOS Kiss X4 EOS Kiss X50 EOS M
    EOS Rebel 2000 EOS Rebel G EOS Rebel GII EOS Rebel GII EF
    EOS Rebel Gll 35-80 EOS Rebel K2 EOS Rebel T1i EOS Rebel T2
    EOS Rebel T2i EOS Rebel T3 EOS Rebel T3i EOS Rebel Ti
    EOS Rebel X EOS Rebel XS EOS Rebel XS N EOS Rebel Xsi
    EOS-1D Mark IV EOS-30 EOS-3000N EOS-30V Date New
    EOS-33 EOS-33V New EOS-500 EOS-500N
    EOS-66 EOS-7 EOS-88 EOS-IX
    EOS-IX E EOS-Kiss EOS-M EOS-Rebel G
    EOS-Rebel X EOS-Rebel XS EOS-Rebel XS N Date FinePix SL240
    FinePix SL245 FinePix SL260 FinePix SL280 FinePix SL300
    FinePix SL305 FV10 FV100 FV2
    FV20 FV200 FV30 FV300
    FV40 FV400 FV50 FV500
    FVM1 FVM10 FVM100 FVM20
    FVM200 FVM30 HG10 HV20
    HV30 iVIS DC300 iVIS HG10 iVIS HV30
    IXUS 1000HS IXUS 105 IXUS 115 HS IXUS 125 HS
    IXUS 130 IXUS 210 IXUS 220 HS IXUS 240 HS
    IXUS Z65 IXY 10 IXY 110 IS IXY 20
    IXY 210 IS IXY 210F IXY 220F IXY 30S
    IXY 31S IXY 410F IXY 420F IXY 50S
    IXY DIGITAL 1000 IXY Digital 200 IXY Digital 2000 IS IXY Digital 200a
    IXY DIGITAL 25 IS IXY Digital 30 IXY Digital 300 IXY DIGITAL 3000 IS
    IXY Digital 300a IXY Digital 30a IXY Digital 320 IXY Digital 40
    IXY Digital 400 IXY Digital 430 IXY Digital 450 IXY Digital 50
    IXY Digital 500 IXY Digital 55 IXY Digital 60 IXY Digital 600
    IXY Digital 70 IXY Digital 700 IXY Digital 80 IXY Digital 800 IS
    IXY Digital 810 IS IXY Digital 820 IS IXY DIGITAL 90 IXY DIGITAL 900 IS
    IXY Digital 910 IS IXY DIGITAL 920 IS IXY Digital 95 IS IXY Digital D30
    IXY Digital L IXY Digital L2 IXY Digital L3 IXY Digital L4
    IXY Digital S200 IXY Digital S230 IXY Digital S330 IXY Digital WIRELESS
    IXY i IXY210 IXY220 IXY230
    LEGRIA HF R17 LEGRIA HF R18 M Date MD100
    MD101 MD110 MD111 MD120
    MD130 MD140 MD150 MD160
    MD215 MD225 MD235 MD245
    MD255 MD265 MV300 MV300i
    MV30i MV400i MV430i MV430IMC
    MV450i MV5 MV500 MV500i
    MV530i MV550i MV5i MV5iMC
    MV600 MV600i MV630i MV650i
    MV6iMC MV700 MV700i MV730i
    MV750i MV790 MVX100i MVX150i
    MVX200 MVX200i MVX20i MVX250i
    MVX25i MVX2i MVX3i Optura 10
    Optura 100MC Optura 20 Optura 200MC Optura 30
    Optura 40 Optura 400 Optura 50 Optura 500
    Optura 50MC Optura 60 Optura Pi Optura Xi
    Pocket Zoom 70M-AF AD PowerShot 600 PowerShot A2300 PowerShot A2400 IS
    PowerShot A3000 IS PowerShot A3100 IS PowerShot A3400 IS PowerShot A4000 IS
    PowerShot A5 PowerShot A5 Zoom PowerShot A50 PowerShot D10
    PowerShot D350 PowerShot ELPH 100 HS PowerShot ELPH 110 HS PowerShot ELPH 320 HS
    PowerShot ELPH 500HS PowerShot ELPH300HS PowerShot G1 PowerShot G10
    PowerShot G11 PowerShot G2 PowerShot G3 PowerShot G5
    PowerShot G6 PowerShot G7 PowerShot G9 PowerShot Pro 1
    PowerShot Pro 90 PowerShot Pro 90 IS PowerShot S10 PowerShot S100
    PowerShot S110 PowerShot S20 PowerShot S200 PowerShot S230
    PowerShot S30 PowerShot S300 PowerShot S330 PowerShot S40
    PowerShot S400 PowerShot S410 PowerShot S45 PowerShot S50
    PowerShot S500 PowerShot S60 PowerShot S70 PowerShot S80
    PowerShot S90 PowerShot S95 PowerShot SD10 PowerShot SD100
    PowerShot SD1000 PowerShot SD110 PowerShot SD1100 IS PowerShot SD1200 IS
    PowerShot SD1300 IS PowerShot SD1400 IS PowerShot SD20 PowerShot SD200
    PowerShot SD30 PowerShot SD300 PowerShot SD3500 IS PowerShot SD40
    PowerShot SD400 PowerShot SD4000 IS PowerShot SD430 WIRELESS PowerShot SD450
    PowerShot SD4500 IS PowerShot SD500 PowerShot SD550 PowerShot SD600
    PowerShot SD630 PowerShot SD700 IS PowerShot SD750 PowerShot SD770 IS
    PowerShot SD780 IS PowerShot SD790 IS PowerShot SD800 IS PowerShot SD850 IS
    PowerShot SD870 IS PowerShot SD880 IS PowerShot SD890 IS PowerShot SD900
    PowerShot SD940 IS PowerShot SD950 IS PowerShot SD960 IS PowerShot SD970 IS
    PowerShot SD980 IS PowerShot SD990 IS PowerShot SX200 IS PowerShot SX210 IS
    PowerShot SX220 HS PowerShot SX230 HS PowerShot SX40 HS PowerShot TX1
    Prima 5 Prima AS-1 Prima AS-1 AllSport Prima BF Twin
    Prima Mini Prima Mini II Prima Mini ll Prima Super 105
    Prima Super 105u Prima Super 105X Prima Super 115 Prima Super 115 Caption
    Prima Super 115N Prima Super 115u Prima Super 115u II Prima Super 130
    Prima Super 130 Caption Prima Super 130u Prima Super 135 Prima Super 135 Caption
    Prima Super 135N Prima Super 150u Prima Super 155 Prima Super 155 Caption
    Prima Super 155N Prima Super 180 Prima Super 180 QD Prima Super 28
    Prima Super 28 Caption Prima Super 28N Prima Super 28V Prima Super 85
    Prima Super 90 Caption Prima Super 90 Wide Prima Twin S Prima Twin S Date
    Prima Zoom 65 Prima Zoom 70F Prima Zoom 76 Prima Zoom 80u
    Prima Zoom 85 Prima Zoom 85N Prima Zoom 90u Prima Zoom 90u II
    Prima Zoom Mini Prima Zoom Mini Caption Prima Zoom Shot PV130
    Rebel G ll 35-80 Super Prima 105 Super Prima 105X Super Prima 115
    Super Prima 115 Caption Super Prima 115N Super Prima 135 Super Prima 135 Caption
    Super Prima 135N Super Prima 155 Super Prima 155 Caption Super Prima 155N
    Super Prima 28 Super Prima 28 Caption Super Prima 28N Super Prima 28V
    Super Prima 85 Super Prima 90 Caption Super Prima 90 Wide Sure Shot WP-1
    Sure Shot 105 Sure Shot 105 Zoom Sure Shot 105 Zoom S Sure Shot 105u
    Sure Shot 105Z Sure Shot 115u Sure Shot 115U II Sure Shot 130u
    Sure Shot 130u II Sure Shot 150u Sure Shot 180u Sure Shot 60
    Sure Shot 60 Zoom Sure Shot 65 Zoom Sure Shot 70 Zoom Sure Shot 76 Zoom
    Sure Shot 80 Sure Shot 80 Tele Sure Shot 80 Zoom Sure Shot 80u
    Sure Shot 85 Sure Shot 85 Zoom Sure Shot 90u Sure Shot 90u II
    Sure Shot A1 Sure Shot A1 Panorama Sure Shot A1 Underwater Sure Shot Caption
    Sure Shot Classic 120 Sure Shot K Sure Shot Look Sure Shot Max
    Sure Shot Mini Sure Shot Sleek Sure Shot Sport Sure Shot Tele Max
    Sure Shot WP-1 Sure Shot Z115 Sure Shot Z115 Caption Sure Shot Z135
    Sure Shot Z150u Sure Shot Z155 Sure Shot Z180u Sure Shot Z70W
    Sure Shot Z70W Caption Sure Shot Z85 Sure Shot Z85 Caption Sure Shot Z90W
    Sure Shot Zoom Max Sure Shot Zoom Max Caption VIXIA HF R10 VIXIA HF R100
    ZR10 ZR20 ZR25 ZR25MC
    ZR30 ZR30MC ZR40 ZR45MC
    ZR500 ZR50MC ZR60 ZR600
    ZR65MC ZR700 ZR70MC ZR80
    ZR800 ZR830 ZR85 ZR850
    ZR90 ZR900 ZR930 ZR950