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  • ASUS laptop batteries are specifically designed for each laptop brand and model. offers a complete line of ASUS batteries and compatible replacements for most laptop models. We have developed a ASUS Laptop Battery Select Technology that will guide you in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for your laptop. Your first step is to choose your ASUS model from the list below.
    Please press 'Ctrl+F' to search for your part number/machine model.
    Select ASUS Laptop Battery by Part number
    0-NXM1B2200Z 07G016DH1875 0B110-00240100E 0B110-00250100M 0B20-00KA0AS
    0B20-00KC0AS 110-AS009-10-0 15-100340000 15-100360301 1566-6868
    15G10N365100 15G10N373800 16NG027237 2C.201S0.001 3UR18650F-2-QC-11
    70-N431B0300P 70-N5V1B0101P 70-N651B1001 70-N651B1010 70-N651B8001
    70-N651B8200 70-N6A1B1000 70-N6A1B1100 70-N6B3B1001 70-N6B3B1100
    70-N761B1100 70-N8V1B1000 70-N8V1B1100 70-N8V1B2000 70-N8V1B2100
    70-N8V1B3100 70-N9X1B1000 70-NA12B1000 70-NA12B2000 70-NA12B3000
    70-NA51B1100 70-NA51B2100 70-NCB1B1001M 70-NDQ1B2000 70-NE62B3000
    70-NEA1B2000M 70-NED1B1000Z 70-NED1B1200Z 70-NED1B2000Z 70-NED1B2100Z
    70-NED1B2200Z 70-NF51B1000 70-NFH5B2000M 70-NFH5B2200 70-NGA1B1001M
    70-NGV1B4000M 70-NH01B2000 70-NHA2B1000 70-NHA2B2000 70-NHA2B3000
    70-NHQ1B1000 70-NHQ2B1000M 70-NL51B1000M 70-NLV1B2000M 70-NTS1B2000Z
    70-NWF1B1000Z 70-NWF1B2000Z 70-NX01B1000Z 70-NXH1B1000Z 70-NXM1B2200Z
    70-NXP1B2000Z 70-NXP2B1000Z 70-NY81B1000Z 70-NZT1B1000Z 70-NZY1B1000Z
    70-NZYB1000Z 70-OA111B1000 70-OA1G1B1000 70-OA1G1B1100 70-OA282B1000
    70-OA282B1200 70R-N5V1B0300 870AAQ159571 90-441B3100P 90-N40BT1220
    90-N651B1010 90-N7M1B1100 90-N7P1B1100 90-N7V1B1000 90-N7V1B1200
    90-N851B1100 90-N851B1210 90-N8V1B3000 90-N8V1B3100 90-N8V1B4100
    90-N8V1B4200 90-N8V1B5100 90-N901B1000 90-N951B1000 90-N951B1100
    90-N951B1200 90-N998B1200 90-N9X1B1000 90-NA11B1000 90-NA11B2000
    90-NA11B3000 90-NA12B1000 90-NA12B2000 90-NA12B3000 90-NA51B1000
    90-NA51B2000 90-NA51B2100 90-NA51B2200 90-NA52B2000 90-NA71B1100
    90-NAA1B1000 90-NBR1B1000 90-NBR1B2000 90-NBR1B3000 90-NBR2B1000
    90-NBR2B2000 90-NBR2B3000 90-NCA1B2000 90-NCA1B3000 90-NCB1B2000
    90-NCB1B3000 90-NCG1B1000 90-NCG1B1010 90-ND01B1000 90-ND81B1000T
    90-ND81B2000T 90-ND81B3000T 90-NDK1B1000 90-NDM1B1000 90-NDQ1B1000
    90-NDQ1B2000 90-NDT1B1000Z 90-NDT1B2000Z 90-NE51B2000 90-NE51B3000
    90-NE52B2000 90-NE52B3000 90-NE61B1000 90-NE61B2000 90-NE61B3000
    90-NE62B1000 90-NE62B2000 90-NE62B3000 90-NEA1B1000 90-NEA1B2000
    90-NEA1B3000 90-NED1B1000Y 90-NED1B2100Y 90-NER1B1000Y 90-NER1B2000Y
    90-NF51B1000 90-NF51B1000Y 90-NFD2B1000T 90-NFD2B2000T 90-NFD2B3000T
    90-NFJ1B1000 90-NFPCB1001 90-NFPCB2001 90-NFV6B1000Z 90-NFY6B1000
    90-NFY6B1000Z 90-NG31B1000 90-NGA1B3000 90-NGF1B1100 90-NGV1B1000T
    90-NGV1B2000T 90-NH01B1000 90-NH01B2000 90-NH01B3000 90-NH73B1000Z
    90-NHA1B1000 90-NHA1B2000 90-NHA1B3000 90-NHA2B1000 90-NHA2B2000
    90-NHA2B3000 90-NHJ9B1000Z 90-NHQ1B1000 90-NHQ1B2000 90-NHQ2B1000
    90-NHQ2B2000 90-NI11B1000 90-NI11B1000Y 90-NI11B2000Y 90-NIA1B1000
    90-NIL1B2000 90-NL51B1000 90-NLF1B2000Y 90-NLV1B1000T 90-NLV1B2000T
    90-NNN1B1000Y 90-NQF1B1000T 90-NQF1B2000T 90-NQK1B1000Y 90-NQY1B1000Y
    90-NQY1B2000Y 90-NVD1B1000Y 90-NWF1B2000Y 90-NX62B2000Y 90-NY81B1000Y
    90-NYX1B1000Y 90-OA001B1000 90-OA001B1100 90-OA001B9000 90-OA001B9100
    90-OA1P2B1000Q 90-OA281B1000Q 90-XB0POABT00000Q 906C5040F 906C5050F
    908C3500F 90NITLILD4SU 90NITLILD4SU1 90NQY1B1000Y 90NQY1B2000Y
    90R-NHD1B2000T 916C-4230F 916C4230F 916C5110F 916C5220F
    916C5280F 925C2290F 990AAS168288 9COAAS031219 A22-700
    A22-P701 A23-P701 A31-1015 A31-1025 A31-B53
    A31-F9 A31-K42 A31-K52 A31-K56 A31-N56
    A31-S5 A31-S6 A31-T12 A31-U53 A31-U80
    A31-UL30 A31-UL50 A31-UL80 A31-W5F A31-X101
    A31-X401 A31LJ91 A31LM9H A31LMH2 A31N1302
    A31N1319 A32-1015 A32-1025 A32-A8 A32-F2
    A32-F3 A32-F5 A32-F52 A32-F80 A32-F80A
    A32-F80H A32-F82 A32-F9 A32-K42 A32-K52
    A32-K53 A32-K55 A32-K55X A32-K56 A32-K72
    A32-M50 A32-M9 A32-N50 A32-N55 A32-N56
    A32-N61 A32-N71 A32-R1 A32-S1 A32-S37
    A32-S5 A32-S6 A32-T12 A32-U1 A32-U5
    A32-U53 A32-U6 A32-U80 A32-UL20 A32-UL30
    A32-UL5 A32-UL50 A32-UL80 A32-V2 A32-W5F
    A32-W7 A32-X101 A32-X401 A32-X51 A32-X64
    A32-Z37 A32-Z94 A32-Z96 A33-F3 A33-K55
    A33-M50 A33-M9 A33-N50 A33-N56 A33-S37
    A33-S6 A33-U5 A33-U50 A33-U6 A33-W5F
    A33-W7 A33-Z37 A41-A3 A41-A6 A41-K52
    A41-K53 A41-K55 A41-K56 A41-U53 A41-UL30
    A41-UL50 A41-UL80 A41-W3 A41-X401 A41-X550
    A41-X550A A41-X550E A41N1308 A42-A2 A42-A3
    A42-A4 A42-A6 A42-G73 A42-G74 A42-G750
    A42-K52 A42-K53 A42-K55 A42-K56 A42-L5
    A42-M2 A42-M6 A42-N82 A42-U53 A42-UL30
    A42-UL50 A42-UL80 A42-V1 A42-V6 A42-W1
    A42-W3 A42-X401 A42l5 A65 AASS10
    ACGACCBATTL8400 ACGACCBATTS8200 AL23-901 AL24-1000 AL31-1005
    AL31-1015 AL32-1005 AP21-1002HA AP21-T91 AP22-U100
    AP22-U1001 AP23-901 AP23-T91 AP31-1008P AP32-1008P
    AS-M2000NL B32-S1 BA-04 BATEL80L6 BATEL80L9
    BTY-M66 BTY-M67 BTY-M68 C11-ME370T C21-R2
    C22-1018P C22-R2 C41-UX50 CBPIL44 G73-52
    GC020009Y00 GC020009Z00 GC02000AM00 ICR18650-26F K52L681
    L062061 L062066 L0690L6 L072051 L0790C6
    L0A2016 LC42SD128 LO62061 LOA2011 M2A/E-1A
    ML32-1005 NB-BAT-A8-NF51B1000 NBP6A138 P22-900 PL32-1005
    PL32-1015 POAC001 S2691061 S5NBTB1A S5NBTW1B
    S8-PW-BP001 S9N-0362210-CE1 SQU-503 SQU-511 SQU-526
    SQU-528 SQU-529 SQU-706 SQU-718 X45LI9C
    YS-1 YU12008-13007D YU12125-13002   
    Select ASUS Laptop Battery by Model
    1001PX-BLK003X 1001PX-BLK3X 1001PX-WHI002X (White) 1001PX-WHI0065
    1001PX-WHI006S 200CA-CT161H 5000A 8200
    A2 A2000 A2000C A2000D
    A2000G A2000H A2000K A2000L
    A2000S A2000T A2508H A2514H
    A2534H A254OH series A2C A2D
    A2G A2H A2K A2L
    A2S A2T A3 Series A3000
    A3000E A3000G A3000L A3000N
    A3500L A38N A3Ac A3E
    A3Fc A3Fp A3G A3H
    A3Hf A3L A3N A3Vc
    A3Vp A4 A40 A4000
    A4000D A4000G A4000Ga A4000K
    A4000Ka A4000L A4000S series A40De
    A40Dr A40J A40JA A40Jc
    A40JE A40JP A40Jr A40Jv
    A42 A42D A42DE A42DQ
    A42E A42F A42J A42JA
    A42JC A42JE A42JK A42JR
    A42JV A42QR A43 Series A43B
    A43BY A43E A43F A43J
    A43JA A43JB A43JC A43JE
    A43JF A43JG A43JH A43JN
    A43JP A43JQ A43JR A43JU
    A43JV A43S A43SJ A43SV
    A43U A45 Series A450 A450C
    A450CA Series A450CC Series A450E A450J
    A450JF Series A450L Series A450V A45D
    A45DE A45DR A45N A45V
    A45VD A45VG A45VM A45VS
    A46C Series A46CA Series A46CB Series A46CM Series
    A46V Series A4D A4G A4Ga
    A4K A4Ka A4L A4S
    A52 A52 Series A52F A52J
    A52JB A52JC A52JK A52JR
    A52JT A53 Series A53B A53BY
    A53E A53F A53J A53JA
    A53JB A53JC A53JE A53JH
    A53JQ A53JR A53JT A53JU
    A53S A53SD A53SJ A53SV
    A53T A53TA A53U A55 Series
    A55A A55D A55DE A55DR
    A55N A55V A55VD A55VM
    A55VS A56C Series A56CA Series A56CB Series
    A56CM Series A56V Series A6 Series A6000 Series
    A6000E A6000Ga A6000J A6000Ja
    A6000K A6000L A6000N A6000Ne
    A6000R A6000U A6000V A6000Va
    A6000Vc A6000Vm A62 A6E
    A6F A6G A6Ga A6J
    A6Ja A6Jc A6Je A6Jm
    A6K A6Km A6Kt A6L
    A6M A6N A6Ne A6R
    A6Rp A6T A6Tc A6U
    A6V A6Va A6Vc A6Vm
    A7 Series A75 Series A75A A75D
    A75DE A75V A75VD A75VM
    A7C A7Cd A7D A7Db
    A7Dc A7F A7G A7Gb
    A7Gc A7J A7Jb A7Jc
    A7K A7M A7Mb A7Mc
    A7S A7Sv A7T A7Tb
    A7Tc A7U A7V A7Vb
    A7Vc A8 Series A8000 Series A8000F
    A8000J A8000Ja A8000Jc A8000Jm
    A8A A8Dc A8E A8F
    A8Fm A8H A8He A8J
    A8Ja A8Jc A8Je A8Jm
    A8Jn A8Jp A8Jr A8Js
    A8Jv A8Le A8M A8Sc
    A8Sr A8Tc A8Tm A9 Series
    A9C A9R A9Rt A9T
    B53 B53E B53F B53J
    B53JC B53S E46 Series E46C Series
    E46CA Series E46CB Series E46CM Series Eee PC 1000
    Eee PC 1000H Eee PC 1000HA Eee PC 1000HD Eee PC 1000HE
    Eee PC 1000HG Eee PC 1001HA Eee PC 1001P Eee PC 1001PQ
    Eee PC 1001PX Eee PC 1002 Series Eee PC 1002HA Eee PC 1002HA Series
    Eee PC 1004DN Eee PC 1005 Eee PC 1005H Eee PC 1005HA
    Eee PC 1005HA-A Eee PC 1005HA-E Eee PC 1005HA-EU1X Eee PC 1005HA-EU1X-BK
    Eee PC 1005HA-H Eee PC 1005HA-M Eee PC 1005HA-P Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X
    Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BK Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BU Eee PC 1005HA-V Eee PC 1005HA-VU1X
    Eee PC 1005HA-VU1X-BK Eee PC 1005HA-VU1X-BU Eee PC 1005HA-VU1X-PI Eee PC 1005HA-VU1X-WT
    Eee PC 1005HAB Eee PC 1005HAG Eee PC 1005HE Eee PC 1005HR
    Eee PC 1005P Eee PC 1005PE Eee PC 1005PEG Eee PC 1005PR
    Eee PC 1005PX Eee PC 1008KR Eee PC 1008P Eee PC 1008P-KR
    Eee PC 1008P-KR-PU17 Eee PC 1008P-KR-PU17-BR Eee PC 1008P-KR-PU17-PI Eee PC 1008p-KR-PU27-BR
    Eee PC 1011 Series Eee PC 1011B Eee PC 1011BX Eee PC 1011C
    Eee PC 1011CX Eee PC 1011P Eee PC 1011PD Eee PC 1011PDX
    Eee PC 1011PXD Eee PC 1015 Eee PC 1015 Series Eee PC 1015B
    Eee PC 1015BX Eee PC 1015C Eee PC 1015CX Eee PC 1015P
    Eee PC 1015PD Eee PC 1015PDG Eee PC 1015PDT Eee PC 1015PDX
    Eee PC 1015PE Eee PC 1015PEB Eee PC 1015PED Eee PC 1015PEG
    Eee PC 1015PEM Eee PC 1015PN Eee Pc 1015PW Eee PC 1015PXD
    Eee PC 1015T Eee PC 1016 Eee PC 1016 Series Eee PC 1016P
    Eee PC 1016PE Eee PC 1016PEB Eee PC 1016PED Eee PC 1016PEM
    Eee PC 1016PG Eee PC 1016PN Eee PC 1016PT Eee PC 1018P
    Eee PC 1018PB Eee PC 1018PD Eee PC 1018PE Eee PC 1018PEB
    Eee PC 1018PED Eee PC 1018PEM Eee PC 1018PG Eee PC 1018PN
    Eee PC 1025 Series Eee PC 1025C Eee PC 1025CE Eee PC 1101HA
    Eee PC 1101HA-M Eee PC 1101HA-MU1X Eee PC 1101HA-MU1X-BK Eee PC 1101HGO
    Eee PC 1201 Eee PC 1201HA Eee PC 1201N Eee PC 1201PN
    Eee PC 1201T Eee PC 1215 Eee PC 1215 Series Eee PC 1215B
    Eee PC 1215BT Eee PC 1215N Eee PC 1215P Eee PC 1215PE
    Eee PC 1215PED Eee PC 1215PEM Eee PC 1215PN Eee PC 1215PW
    Eee PC 1215PX Eee PC 1215T Eee PC 1225 Series Eee PC 1225B Series
    Eee PC 1225C Series Eee PC 2G Eee PC 2G Surf Eee PC 4G
    Eee PC 4G Surf Eee PC 700 Eee PC 701 Eee PC 8G
    Eee PC 900 Eee PC 901 Eee PC 904HD Eee PC R011 Series
    Eee PC R011C Eee PC R011CX Eee PC R011P Eee PC R051 Series
    Eee PC R051BX Eee PC R051C Eee PC R051CX Eee PC R051P
    Eee PC R051PEM Eee PC R051PX Eee PC R052 Series Eee PC R052C
    Eee PC R052CE Eee PC S101 Eee PC S101H Eee PC T91
    Eee PC T91 Tablet Eee PC T91MT Eee PC T91SA Eee PC T91SA-VU1X-BK
    EEE PC X101 Series EEE PC X101C EEE PC X101CH EEE PC X101H
    F2 Series F2F F2Hf F2J
    F2Je F3 Series F301 Series F301A Series
    F301A1 Series F301U Series F3E F3F
    F3H F3J F3Ja F3Jc
    F3JF F3Jm F3Jp F3Jr
    F3Jv F3Ka F3Ke F3L
    F3M F3P F3Q F3Sa
    F3Sc F3Se F3Sr F3Sv
    F3T F3Tc F3U F401 Series
    F401A Series F401A1 Series F401U Series F450
    F450C F450E F450J F450JF Series
    F450V F5 series F50 F501 Series
    F501A Series F501A1 Series F501U Series F50Gx
    F50Sv F50Z F550VC Series F552 Series
    F552C Series F552CL Series F552E Series F552EA Series
    F5C F5GL F5M F5N
    F5R F5RI F5SL F5Sr
    F5V F5VI F5VL F5Z
    F8 Series F80 F80 Series F80A
    F80Cr F80H F80L F80Q
    F80S F81 F81Se F82 series
    F83 F8P F8Sa F8Sn
    F8Sp F8Sv F9 Series F9Dc
    F9E F9F F9J F9S
    G1 Series G1S G2 Series G2K
    G2P G2Pb G2Pc G2S
    G2Sg G50 G50 Series G50E
    G50G G50T G50V G50VT
    G51 G51 Series G51J G51JX
    G51V G51VX G53 Series G53J Series
    G53JH Series G53JQ Series G53JW Series G53JX Series
    G53S Series G53SV Series G53SW Series G53SX Series
    G73 Series G73G Series G73GW Series G73J Series
    G73JH Series G73JQ Series G73JW Series G73JX Series
    G73S Series G73SV Series G73SW Series G73SX Series
    G74 Series G74J Series G74JH Series G74S Series
    G74S-XR1 G74SW Series G74SW-A1 G74SW-A2
    G74SX Series G74SX-021A2670QM G74SX-3D G74SX-3DE
    G74SX-91079V G74SX-91131Z G74SX-A1 G74SX-A2
    G74SX-BBK7 G74SX-FHD-TZ048V G74SX-TY151V G74SX-TZ078V
    G74SX-XA1 G74SX-XC1 G74SX-XR1 G74SX-XT1
    G750 Series G750J Series G750JH Series G750JS Series
    G750JX Series G750JZ Series Google Nexus 7 Table PC K40 series
    K42 K42 Series K42D K42DE
    K42DQ K42DR K42F K42J
    K42JA K42JB K42JC K42JE
    K42JK K42JP K42JR K42JV
    K42JY K42JZ K42N K43 Series
    K43B K43BY K43E K43F
    K43J K43S K43SJ K43SV
    K43U K45D K45DE K45DR
    K45N K45Series K45V K45VD
    K45VG K45VM K45VS K46C Series
    K46CA Series K46CB Series K46CM Series K46V Series
    K50 series K51 series K52 K52 Series
    K52D K52DE K52DR K52DV
    K52DY K52F K52J K52JB
    K52JC K52JE K52JK K52JR
    K52JT K52JU K52JV K52N
    K53 Series K53B K53BY K53E
    K53F K53J K53S K53SD
    K53SJ K53SV K53T K53TA
    K53U K55 Series K550 Series K550C Series
    K550CA Series K55A K55D K55DE
    K55DR K55N K55V K55VD
    K55VM K55VS K56C Series K56CA Series
    K56CB Series K56CM Series K56V Series K60 series
    K61 series K62 K62F K62J
    K62JR K70 series K72 Series K72D Series
    K72DR Series K72DY Series K72F Series K72J Series
    K72JA Series K72JB Series K72JC Series K72JE Series
    K72JF Series K72JH Series K72JK Series K72JL Series
    K72JM Series K72JO Series K72JQ Series K72JR Series
    K72JT Series K72JU Series K72JV Series K72JW Series
    K72K Series K72L Series K72N Series K72P Series
    K72Q Series K72R Series K72S Series K72Y Series
    K73 Series K73E Series K73J Series K73JK Series
    K73S Series K73SV Series K75 Series K75A
    K75D K75DE K75V K75VD
    K75VM L3 Series L3000 L3000C
    L3000D L3000S L3100 L3400
    L3400C L3400S L3420 L3500
    L3500T L3600C L3800 L3800C
    L3800D L3800S L3C L3D
    L3H L3M L3S L3T
    L5 L5000 L5000C L5000D
    L5000G L5500 L5800 L5900 series
    L5C L5D L5G L8 Series
    L8000 Series L8000B Series L8000C Series L8000Ce Series
    L8000F Series L8000K Series L8000L Series L84
    L8400 Series L8400B Series L8400C Series L8400CE Series
    L8400F Series L8400K Series L8400L Series L84B Series
    L84C Series L84Ce Series L84F Series L84K Series
    L84L Series Lamborghini VX7 Series Lamborghini VX7S Series Lamborghini VX7SX Series
    M2 Series M2000 Series M2000A Series M2000C Series
    M2000E Series M2000N Series M2000Ne M2400 Series
    M2400A M2400C M2400E M2400N
    M2400Ne M2422N M2442N M2A
    M2C M2E M2N M2Ne
    M5 M50 M50 Series M5000
    M5000A M5000N M5000NP M500A
    M500N M50Q M50S M50SA
    M50SR M50SV M50V M50VC
    M50VM M50VN M51 Series M51A
    M51Kr M51Se M51Sn M51Sr
    M51Ta M51Tr M51Va M51Vr
    M5200A M5200N M52N M5600N
    M5A M5N M5NP M6 Series
    M60 M60 Series M6000 M6000A
    M6000C M6000N M6000R M6000V
    M60J M60JV M60V M60VP
    M60W M67 M6700 M6700A
    M6700C M6700N M6700R M6700V
    M6706 M6722 M6742 M6762
    M67N M68 M6800 M6800A
    M6800N M6800N series M6802N M6806N
    M6822N M6842N M6862N M68A
    M68C M68N M68R M68V
    M6A M6B00N M6C M6N
    M6Ne M6R M6V M6Va
    M9 Series M9A M9F M9J
    M9V N10E N10J N10Jb
    N10Jc N10Jh N20 Series N20A
    N43 N43 Series N43J N43JF
    N43JM N45 Series N45E Series N45F Series
    N45J Series N45JC Series N45S Series N45SF Series
    N45SJ Series N45SL Series N45SN Series N45SV Series
    N46 Series N46V N46VJ N46VM
    N46VZ Series N50VC Series N50VC-B3WM N50VC-FP008C
    N50VC-FP021C N50VC-FP035G N50VC-FP044C N50VC-FP106C
    N50VC-FP125C N50VC-FP154C N50VC-FP164C N50VC-FP168C
    N50VC-FP190C N50VC-FP192C N50VC-FP212E N50VC-FP216E
    N50VC-FP222E N50VC-FP233E N50VCB3WM N50VCFP008C
    N50VCFP021C N50VCFP035G N50VCFP044C N50VCFP106C
    N50VCFP125C N50VCFP154C N50VCFP164C N50VCFP168C
    N50VCFP190C N50VCFP192C N50VCFP212E N50VCFP216E
    N50VCFP222E N50VCFP233E N50VN Series N50VN-A1B
    N50VN-B1B N50VN-C1S N50VN-C2S N50VN-D1
    N50VN-FP024G N50VN-FP154C N50VN-FP229E N50VN-T9550
    N50VN-X5A N50VN-X6 N50VNA1B N50VNB1B
    N50VNC1S N50VNC2S N50VND1 N50VNFP024G
    N50VNFP154C N50VNFP229E N50VNT9550 N50VNX5A
    N50VNX6 N51 Series N51A N51S
    N51TP N51V N51VF N51VF-A1
    N51VF-X1 N51VF-X2 N51VFA1 N51VFX1
    N51VFX2 N51VG N51VN N51VN-A1
    N51VN-X1A N51VNA1 N51VNX1A N53
    N53 Series N53D Series N53DA Series N53J
    N53JF N53JG N53JL N53JN
    N53JQ N55 Series N55E Series N55S Series
    N55SF Series N55SL Series N56 Series N56D
    N56DP N56V N56VJ N56VM
    N56VZ Series N61 N61 Series N61D
    N61J N61JA N61JQ N61JV
    N61V N61VF N61VG N61VN
    N61W N6DA N71 Series N71J Series
    N71JA Series N71JQ Series N71JV Series N71V Series
    N71VG Series N71VN Series N73 Series N73F Series
    N73G Series N73J Series N73JF Series N73JG Series
    N73JN Series N73JQ Series N73Q Series N73S Series
    N73SD Series N73SL Series N73SN Series N73SQ Series
    N73SV Series N73SW Series N73V Series N75 Series
    N75E Series N75S Series N75SF Series N75SJ Series
    N75SL Series N75SN Series N75SV Series N76 Series
    N76V N76VM N76VZ Series N80 Series
    N80Vc N80Vn N81 Series N81Vg
    N81Vp N82 N82E N82EI
    N82J N82JG N82JQ N82JV
    P42 P42F P42J P42JC
    P450 Series P52 P52F P52J
    P52JC P81 series R1 Series Tablet PC R1E
    R1F R202CA R2E R2H
    R2Hv R405C Series R405CA Series R405CB Series
    R405CM Series R405V Series R409 Series R505C Series
    R505CA Series R505CB Series R505CM Series R550C Series
    R550CA Series R550CM Series S101H-BLK042X S101H-BRN043X
    S101H-CHP035X S101H-PIK025X S1300 S1300 Series
    S1300A S1300B S1300N S301 Series
    S301A Series S301A1 Series S301U Series S37e
    S37S S37SP S401 Series S401A Series
    S401A1 Series S401U Series S405C Series S405CA Series
    S405CB Series S405CM Series S40C Series S40CA Series
    S40CB Series S40CM Series S46C Series S46CA Series
    S46CB Series S46CM Series S5 S5000
    S5000A S5000N S5000N series S501 Series
    S501A Series S501A1 Series S501U Series S505C Series
    S505CA Series S505CB Series S505CM Series S5200A
    S5200N S5200Ne S52N S550C Series
    S550CA Series S550CM Series S56C Series S56CA Series
    S56CB Series S56CM Series S5A S5N
    S5Ne S5NP S6 S6 Series
    S62 S6F S6F Leather Collection S6Fm
    S8 S8000 S82 S8200
    S8600 series S96 S96J S96JF
    S96JH S96JP S96JS Sonic Master R202CA
    T12 T12C T12Er T12Fg
    T12Jg T12Mg T12Ug U1 series
    U1E U1F U20 Series U20A
    U20A-B2 U3 Series U30J U30JC
    U30JT U33J U33JC U33JT
    U35F U35J U35JC U3S
    U3Sg U43F U43J U43JC
    U45J U45JC U45JC-A1 U45JT
    U48C Series U48CA Series U48CB Series U48CM Series
    U5 Series U50 Series U50A U50Vg
    U52 U52F U52F-BBL5 U53F
    U53J U53JC U58C Series U58CA Series
    U58CB Series U58CM Series U5A U5F
    U6E U6Ep U6S U6Sg
    U6Vc U80 Series U80A U80A-RSTM
    U80V U81 Series U81A U81A-RX05
    UL20 UL20A UL20G UL20VT
    UL30 UL30A UL30A-A1 UL30A-A2
    UL30A-A3B UL30A-QX130X UL30A-QX131X UL30A-X1
    UL30A-X2 UL30A-X3 UL30A-X4 UL30A-X5
    UL30JT UL30VT-X1K UL50 UL50A
    UL50Ag UL50AG-A2 UL50Ag-A3B UL50AT
    UL50Vg UL50Vg-A2 UL50VS UL50VS-A1B
    UL50Vt UL50Vt-A1 UL50Vt-X1 UL50Vt-XX009X
    UL50Vt-XX010x UL80 UL80A UL80Ag
    UL80Ag-A1 UL80JT UL80V UL80VS
    UL80Vt UL80Vt-A1 UL80Vt-WX009X UL80Vt-WX010X
    UX50 Series UX50V Series UX50V-A1 UX50V-RMSX05
    UX50V-RX05 UX50V-XX002C UX50V-XX002V UX50V-XX003E
    UX50V-XX004C UX50V-XX004X UX50V-XX037C UX50V-XX044X
    UX50V-XX046V V1 Series V1J V1Jp
    V1S V1Sn V2 V2J
    V2Je V2S V550C Series V550CA Series
    V550CM Series V6 V6000 V6000V series
    V6V VivoBook F200CA VivoBook S550 Series VivoBook S550C Series
    VivoBook S550CA Series VivoBook S550CM Series VivoBook X200CA VivoBook X200CA F200CA 11.6" Series
    VX1 VX1-Lamborghin VX2-Lamborghin VX2S-Lamborghin
    VX2Sn-Lamborghin W1 W1000 W1000G
    W1000Ga W1000Gc W1000N W1000Na
    W1000V W1G W1Ga W1Gc
    W1N W1Na W1V W3000
    W3000A W3000V W3A W3J
    W3N W3V W3Z W5000A
    W5600A W5A W5F W5Fe
    W5Fm W6A W6F W6Fp
    W6K W7 Series W7F W7J
    W7S W7SG X200CA Series X200CA-1A
    X200CA-1B X200CA-6D X200CA-6E X200CA-9A
    X200CA-9B X200CA-9D X200CA-9E X200CA-db017
    X200MA X301 Series X301A Series X301A1 Series
    X301U Series X401 Series X401A Series X401A1 Series
    X401U Series X42 X42D X42DE
    X42E X42F X42J X42JB
    X42JE X42JK X42JR X42JV
    X43 Series X43B X43BY X43E
    X43J X43JE X43JF X43JR
    X43JX X43S X43SJ X43SR
    X43SV X43T X43U X43V
    X44 Series X44C X44H X44HO
    X44HY X44L X44LY X450
    X450 Series X450E X450J X450JF Series
    X451 X451C X451CA X451M
    X451MA Series X50 series X501 Series X501A Series
    X501A1 Series X501U Series X50C X50M
    X50N X50R X50RL X50SL
    X50V X50VL X51H X51L
    X51R X51RL X52 X52D
    X52DE X52DR X52Dy X52F
    X52J X52JB X52JC X52JE
    X52JG X52JK X52JR X52Jt
    X52Ju X52Jv X52N X52Sg
    X53S Series X53SV-SX097V X53SV-SX111V X53SV-SX117V
    X53SV-SX132V X53SV-SX173V X53SV-SX179V X53SV-SX200V
    X53SV-SX213V X53SV-SX214V X53SV-SX218V X53SV-SX231V
    X53SV-SX246 X53SV-SX296V X54 Series X54F
    X54H X54HB X54HY X54K
    X54L X54LB X54LY X55
    X55 Series X550 Series X550C Series X550CA Series
    X550CC Series X550CL Series X551 X551C
    X551CA X551M X551MA Series X55S
    X55SA X55SR X55SV X57
    X57 Series X57Q X57S X57SR
    X57V X57VC X58 X58C
    X58L X58Le X5A series X5E series
    X61 X61 Series X61GX X61S
    X61SL X61W X61Z X64
    X64 Series X64J X64JA X64JQ
    X64JV X64V X64VG X70 series
    X77 Series X77J Series X77JA Series X77JG Series
    X77JO Series X77JQ Series X77JV Series X77V Series
    X77VG Series X77VN Serie X80 X80 Series
    X80Le X80N X80Z X81
    X84 Series X84C X84H X84HO
    X84HY X84L X84LY X84S
    X84SL X85 X85 Series X85C
    X85L X85S X85SE X88
    X8A series Z35 Series Z35F Z35H
    Z35L Z37 Z37A Z37E
    Z37EP Z37K Z37S Z37SP
    Z37V Z53 Series Z53J Z53Jc
    Z53T Z91 Series Z9100 Z9100E
    Z9100ER Z9100G Z9100L Z9100N
    Z91E Z91ER Z91G Z91L
    Z91N Z92 Series Z9200Vc Z92J
    Z92Jc Z92R Z92T Z92V
    Z92Vc Z92Vm Z94 Z9400
    Z9400RP Z94L Z94RP Z96
    Z96J Z99 Series Z99Fm Z99H
    Z99J Z99Jc Z99Jn Z99Jr
    Z99Sc Z9T