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  • APPLE mp3 batteries are specifically designed for each mp3 brand and model. offers a complete line of APPLE batteries and compatible replacements for most mp3 models. We have developed a APPLE MP3 Battery Select Technology that will guide you in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for your mp3. Your first step is to choose your APPLE model from the list below.
    Please press 'Ctrl+F' to search for your part number/machine model.
    Select APPLE MP3 Battery by Part number
    616-0029 616-0159 616-0206 616-0230 E225846
    EC008 EC008-2    
    Select APPLE MP3 Battery by Model
    iPod 10GB M8976LL/A iPod 15GB M9460LL/A iPod 20GB M9244LL/A iPod 30GB M8948LL/A
    iPod 3th Generation iPod 40GB M9245LL/A iPod Classic 6th GEN A1238 (80GB) iPod Classic 6th GEN MB029 (80GB)
    iPod Classic 6th GEN MB029C/A (80GB) iPod Classic 6th GEN MB029J/A (80GB) iPod Classic 6th GEN MB029LL/A (80GB) iPod Classic 6th GEN MB029TA/A (80GB)
    iPod Classic 6th GEN MB029ZP/A (80GB) iPod Classic 6th GEN MB147 (80GB) iPod Classic 6th GEN MB147C/A (80GB) iPod Classic 6th GEN MB147J/A (80GB)
    iPod Classic 6th GEN MB147LL/A (80GB) iPod Classic 6th GEN MB147TA/A (80GB) iPod Classic 6th GEN MB147ZP/A (80GB) iPod G5 30GB A1036
    iPod G5 30GB A1136 iPod G5 30GB MA002*/A iPod G5 30GB MA002B/A iPod G5 30GB MA002CH/A
    iPod G5 30GB MA002DK/A iPod G5 30GB MA002FD/A iPod G5 30GB MA002HK/A iPod G5 30GB MA002J/A
    iPod G5 30GB MA002KH/A iPod G5 30GB MA002LL/A iPod G5 30GB MA002TA/A iPod G5 30GB MA002X/A
    iPod G5 30GB MA146*/A iPod G5 30GB MA146B/A iPod G5 30GB MA146CH/A iPod G5 30GB MA146DK/A
    iPod G5 30GB MA146FD/A iPod G5 30GB MA146J/A iPod G5 30GB MA146KH/A iPod G5 30GB MA146LL/A
    iPod G5 30GB MA146TA/A iPod G5 30GB MA146X/A iPod G5 30GB MA253 iPod mini 4GB M9160LL/A
    iPod mini 4GB M9434LL/A iPod mini 4GB M9435LL/A iPod mini 4GB M9436LL/A iPod mini 4GB M9437LL/A
    IPOD MINI 4GB M9800 /A iPod mini 4GB M9800B/A iPod mini 4GB M9800CH/A iPod mini 4GB M9800DK/A
    iPod mini 4GB M9800FD/A iPod mini 4GB M9800FE/A iPod mini 4GB M9800J/A iPod mini 4GB M9800KH/A
    iPod mini 4GB M9800LL/A iPod mini 4GB M9800TA/A iPod mini 4GB M9800X/A iPod mini 4GB M9800Z/A
    IPOD MINI 4GB M9802 IPOD MINI 4GB M9802 /A iPod mini 4GB M9802B/A iPod mini 4GB M9802CH/A
    iPod mini 4GB M9802DK/A iPod mini 4GB M9802FD/A iPod mini 4GB M9802FE/A iPod mini 4GB M9802J/A
    iPod mini 4GB M9802KH/A iPod mini 4GB M9802LL/A iPod mini 4GB M9802TA/A iPod mini 4GB M9802X/A
    iPod mini 4GB M9802Z/A IPOD MINI 4GB M9804 IPOD MINI 4GB M9804 /A iPod mini 4GB M9804B/A
    iPod mini 4GB M9804CH/A iPod mini 4GB M9804DK/A iPod mini 4GB M9804FD/A iPod mini 4GB M9804FE/A
    iPod mini 4GB M9804J/A iPod mini 4GB M9804KH/A iPod mini 4GB M9804LL/A iPod mini 4GB M9804TA/A
    iPod mini 4GB M9804X/A iPod mini 4GB M9804Z/A IPOD MINI 4GB M9806 IPOD MINI 4GB M9806 /A
    iPod mini 4GB M9806B/A iPod mini 4GB M9806CH/A iPod mini 4GB M9806DK/A iPod mini 4GB M9806FD/A
    iPod mini 4GB M9806FE/A iPod mini 4GB M9806J/A iPod mini 4GB M9806KH/A iPod mini 4GB M9806LL/A
    iPod mini 4GB M9806TA/A iPod mini 4GB M9806X/A iPod mini 4GB M9806Z/A IPOD MINI 6GB M9801
    IPOD MINI 6GB M9801 /A iPod mini 6GB M9801B/A iPod mini 6GB M9801CH/A iPod mini 6GB M9801DK/A
    iPod mini 6GB M9801FD/A iPod mini 6GB M9801FE/A iPod mini 6GB M9801J/A iPod mini 6GB M9801KH/A
    iPod mini 6GB M9801LL/A iPod mini 6GB M9801TA/A iPod mini 6GB M9801X/A iPod mini 6GB M9801Z/A
    IPOD MINI 6GB M9803 IPOD MINI 6GB M9803 /A iPod mini 6GB M9803B/A iPod mini 6GB M9803CH/A
    iPod mini 6GB M9803DK/A iPod mini 6GB M9803FD/A iPod mini 6GB M9803FE/A iPod mini 6GB M9803J/A
    iPod mini 6GB M9803KH/A iPod mini 6GB M9803LL/A iPod mini 6GB M9803TA/A iPod mini 6GB M9803X/A
    iPod mini 6GB M9803Z/A IPOD MINI 6GB M9805 IPOD MINI 6GB M9805 /A iPod mini 6GB M9805B/A
    iPod mini 6GB M9805CH/A iPod mini 6GB M9805DK/A iPod mini 6GB M9805FD/A iPod mini 6GB M9805FE/A
    iPod mini 6GB M9805J/A iPod mini 6GB M9805KH/A iPod mini 6GB M9805LL/A iPod mini 6GB M9805TA/A
    iPod mini 6GB M9805X/A iPod mini 6GB M9805Z/A IPOD MINI 6GB M9807 IPOD MINI 6GB M9807 /A
    iPod mini 6GB M9807B/A iPod mini 6GB M9807CH/A iPod mini 6GB M9807DK/A iPod mini 6GB M9807FD/A
    iPod mini 6GB M9807FE/A iPod mini 6GB M9807J/A iPod mini 6GB M9807KH/A iPod mini 6GB M9807LL/A
    iPod mini 6GB M9807TA/A iPod mini 6GB M9807X/A iPod mini 6GB M9807Z/A iPod mini Series
    IPOD PHOTO 30GB M9829 IPOD PHOTO 30GB M9829 /A iPod Photo 30GB M9829B/A iPod Photo 30GB M9829CH/A
    iPod Photo 30GB M9829DK/A iPod Photo 30GB M9829FD/A iPod Photo 30GB M9829FE/A iPod Photo 30GB M9829J/A
    iPod Photo 30GB M9829KH/A iPod Photo 30GB M9829LL/A iPod Photo 30GB M9829TA/A iPod Photo 30GB M9829X/A
    iPod Photo 30GB M9829Z/A IPOD PHOTO 40GB M9585 IPOD PHOTO 40GB M9585 /A iPod Photo 40GB M9585B/A
    iPod Photo 40GB M9585CH/A iPod Photo 40GB M9585FE/A iPod Photo 40GB M9585KH/A iPod Photo 40GB M9585LL/A
    iPod Photo 40GB M9585TA/A iPod Photo 40GB M9585X/A iPod Photo 40GB M9585ZR/A iPod Photo 40GB M9585ZV/A
    iPod Photo 60GB M9585J/A IPOD PHOTO 60GB M9586 IPOD PHOTO 60GB M9586 /A iPod Photo 60GB M9586B/A
    iPod Photo 60GB M9586CH/A iPod Photo 60GB M9586FE/A iPod Photo 60GB M9586J/A iPod Photo 60GB M9586KH/A
    iPod Photo 60GB M9586LL/A iPod Photo 60GB M9586TA/A iPod Photo 60GB M9586X/A iPod Photo 60GB M9586ZR/A
    iPod Photo 60GB M9586ZV/A IPOD PHOTO 60GB M9830 IPOD PHOTO 60GB M9830 /A iPod Photo 60GB M9830B/A
    iPod Photo 60GB M9830CH/A iPod Photo 60GB M9830DK/A iPod Photo 60GB M9830FD/A iPod Photo 60GB M9830FE/A
    iPod Photo 60GB M9830J/A iPod Photo 60GB M9830KH/A iPod Photo 60GB M9830LL/A iPod Photo 60GB M9830TA/A
    iPod Photo 60GB M9830X/A iPod Photo 60GB M9830Z/A iPod U2 20GB Color Display MA127 iPod U2 30GB MA452
    iPod U2 30GB MA664